Zach King Wiki, Biography, Age, Career - Influencer

Zach King is the Internet star known as FinalCutKing who has amassed over 7 million subscribers on YouTube. Zach is best known for his “magic vines” videos.

Zach King Wiki, Biography, Age, Career - Influencer
Zach King Biography

Zach King Bio


Zach King is a 30-year-old American filmmaker, YouTube personality, TikTok personality and former Vine video maker based in Los Angeles. With more than 63.6 million followers on TikTok, he is the third most followed personality on the platform.

Zach is best known for his “magic vines” videos, videos edited to make it look like he is performing a magic trick. He has been posting videos to YouTube since 2008 and joined Vine in 2013. He first joined TikTok in 2016, back when it was called and quickly grew to several million followers.

Zach King Biography

Zach King is the Internet star known as FinalCutKing who has amassed over 7 million subscribers on YouTube. He was extremely popular on Vine and in 2014, he won a Streamy Award for Best Vine Creativity. He received his pilot’s license and completed 2 marathons before reaching the age of 25. In 2016, he became a competitor on The Amazing Race 28. He has over 23 million followers on Instagram.


Real Name Zachary Michael King
Nickname  Final Cut King
Known Name  Zach King
Date of Birth February 4, 1990
Age 32 years ( as of 2022)
Birthplace Portland, Oregon
Hometown Portland, Oregon
Current Residence Portland, Oregon
Nationality  American
Profession  Tiktok Star & Magician
Martial Status  Married
Wife Rachel Holm
Religion Christian
Zodiac sign  Aquarius
Food Habit Vegetarian

What Makes Zach King So Special
Cool and composed, Zach King is a tireless worker. His hard work and weeks of sleepless nights owning to his projects, reflect in the quality of his videos. He maintains a casual and humble demeanor, and he is very rooted. A loving family man, he loves being around his wife and parents. He is a visionary; as a child he had dreamed of becoming a filmmaker and has strived to reach where he is today. Zach is also equally determined. When he didn’t receive admission into the film school program of Biola University, he got into music and then began attending film making classes. At the end of his final year, he altered his major and passed out of the University with a Cinema and Media Arts degree.


Zach King was born Zachary Michael King on February 4, 1990 in Portland Oregon. He is half Chinese, a quarter Nicaraguan and a quarter Austrian.

He got into video making at a young age and made his first video at seven years old with a home camera. At fourteen, King bought his first camera, tripod and Mac computer to start editing his own videos. In 2012, Zach graduated from Biola University with a degree in Cinema and Media Arts.

During high school, Zach first started posting to YouTube, giving tutorials on how to use Final Cut Pro. At the same time, he launched his own website to offer tutorials on how to properly use Final Cut Pro. He sold training seminars and used the money to pay for his college education.

Since starting his YouTube channel, he’s had hundreds of millions of views on all his content. In 2011, his video “Jedi Kittens,” made with a friend, became so popular that more than a million people viewed it in less than a day and 18 million views in the coming days. The sequel, “Jedi Kittens Strike Back,” gained nearly 30 million views. The third part, “Jedi Kittens – The Force Awakens,” had nearly 30 million views as well.

Zach joined Vine in 2013 after several of his friends made an account. After he joined, he posted one Vine a day for 30 days and saw significant success and growth on his account. He was featured in several media outlets for his vines, including Mashable and Complex magazine.

In an interview, Zach said it takes him more than 24 hours to create one Vine.

The videomaker joined TikTok in 2016 when the app was still called His first video showed him escaping a jail cell. In December 2019, Zach posted the most-viewed TikTok video ever. The video shows Zach riding a broomstick into thin air. Later, he revealed he was using a mirror and video editing magic. He’s now the third most followed TikTok personality.

Zachary has won a number of accolades and awards for his work. In 2009, he won first place at the London Film Festival for his HP advertisement. Several years later, in 2010, he won first place again for his Heartbrand ad. In 2012, he won the Vidcon Golden Poop award.

In May 2013, YouTube named Zach one of 25 most promising filmmakers in the U.S. He won $35,000 in their “Next Up Creators” contest and won a trip to New York City to participate in their creator bootcamp. His video entry, “Contest Entry Gone Wrong,” showed Zach apparently dodging an assault by airstrikes, pleading to win the contest.

In 2014, he appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and made Vine videos with the cast and crew of the show.

In 2016, Zach and wife Rachel competed on CBS’ “The Amazing Race” and came in sixth place. The couple now lives in Orange County and has two sons.

Zach King Biography

Beyond Fame
Zach loves spending time with his family when not filming. He is currently living in Los Angeles with his wife, Rachel Holm. Most of his time is dedicated towards learning new special effects and making his videos better, even when he isn’t filming for his videos. He loves pets, especially dogs and fishes. Apart from that, Zach is also a trained pianist, as a child he used to train for 3 hours a day. He also loves food cooked by his mother. He calls her the best cook in the world who can preparedelicious meals at the drop of a hat!

Zach King Body Measurements:


6 feet 1 inch (185cm).


75 kg ( 165 pounds).

Shoe Size:

Not available.

Body Shape:

Not available.

Hair Colour:


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Zach King Salary

King’s annual salary is estimated to be $208.8 thousand which he has earned through his successful career as a Vine and TikTok star, as well as a filmmaker.

Zach King Net Worth

The award-winning filmmaker, King, has an estimated net worth of $1.5 Million which he has earned through his successful career as a Vine and TikTok star, as well as a filmmaker.

Zach King Magic Vines

He is most known for his “magic vines” which are usually digitally edited to look as if he is doing magic. Most noteworthy, he made his account on Vine on September 9, 2013, when he saw that many of his friends had an account on the social media website. Prior to this, he decided to create one Vine each day for the next thirty days.

Nonetheless, he appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on January 29, 2014, and made several Vines with the crew of the show. Citing this, King creates Vine videos for a living and works out of his garage. Moreover, he says that he would want to direct feature films, preferably action-adventure movies, in the future.

Furthermore, he has been featured in multiple media outlets for his Vines. Regarding his work, Chez Pazienza wrote about King that “this guy’s stuff is pure magic (or at least the work of some very clever editing.)” Also, Mashable’s Laura Vitto wrote of his work.

“Vine star and producer Zach King may not perform enchantment in the customary sense, yet his expertly-altered six-second recordings could put David Blaine to disgrace.” In a meeting, Zach said that creating a Vine, as a rule, takes as much as 24 hours, with three to four hours of recording.

Composing for Complex magazine, J. Duaine Hahn composed that “While individuals have hit Vine fame for plays or joining together discourse with well known YouTube recordings, King has gone the additional mile to utilize his six seconds to make enchantment, or the nearest thing you can get to it with on a cell phone.” moreover, Rudimental approached King to make a Vine for them.

Education, Family , Ethnicity & Girlfriend :-

School Name Home Schooled
College / University  Biola University, La Mirada, California  
Educational Qualification Cinema and Media Arts
Ethnicity Christian
Father  Name Not Known
Mother Name Not Known
Brother Name three siblings: Katie ( adopted sister) and  2 younger sisters , one of them named as Annie
Sister Name No Sister
Spouse / Wife Name Rachel Holm
Childrens ( Kids) Name 2 Sons

Zach King Books

Zach King: Mirror Magic (2018)

King has more than 4 million devotees on his Vine account and 1.2 million supporters on YouTube. He additionally has Twitter and Facebook accounts with a similarly enormous fan base. In 2013, he was set in the 25 most encouraging movie producers of the age. Since Zach at long last recouped his otherworldly powers, the center school has never been exceptional he’s collaborating with his closest companion, Aaron, on their super-famous YouTube channel and conversing with the most delightful, sharpest, prettiest young lady in school, Rachel.

In any case, when Zach mystically “goes through” an enchanted mirror, he arrives in a world that is the careful inverse of everything he’s at any point known. It’s another amusing experience from the on the web and Instagram sensation Zach King. The book comes total with a free downloadable expanded reality application that quickens the delineations in the book, carrying them to full three-dimensional life.

Zach King: The Magician Mix_Up (2018)

The book is about the quick-moving blend of enchantment, first smashes, and knockout silliness. Zach King’s family has mysterious forces, and for a magnificent short couple of weeks, he did as well. Presently, however, he has returned to being an ordinary child, with no real way to make the awe-inspiring exhibitions that won him a great many Youtube sees.

There’s another blow when a cool new child asks Zach’s companion and squash Rachel to the school move. Can Zach get his family’s enchantment to demonstrate that he’s as yet the person for her? The activity is quick and amusing, particularly when the obtained enchantment demonstrates more diligently for Zach to control than anticipated.

Zach King: My Magical Life (2017)

Everybody in Zach King’s family has mystical power. His dad can turn back time, his sister can turn imperceptible, and his mom can change any object into something different. What’s more, Zach well, he hasn’t discovered his mysterious power yet and his family is developing stressed that he’s been skipped.

Zach King Biography

Zach King Movies

  • Indiana Jones and The Raiders of The Lost Ark (2014)
  • Zootopia (2016)
  • The Last Word (2013)
  • We Grew Up Here

Zach King Awards and Achievements

He is undoubtedly, a fine filmmaker as outlined in the following awards and accomplishments;

  • Critics Choice Award
  • Biola University Young Alumnus Award
  • Vidcon Golden Poop Award