Tina Ahuja Wiki, Age, Height, Family, Boyfriend, Movies, Biography & More

Tina Ahuja is an Indian actress in Hindi cinema. Her real name is Narmada Ahuja.

Tina Ahuja Wiki, Age, Height, Family, Boyfriend, Movies, Biography & More

One of the best actors of Bollywood, Govinda turns a year older today. Fans and followers of the star are pouring birthday wishes and showering love on him. From sharing his iconic dance moments to dapper looks, Govinda is trending all over social media. The actor's journey in Bollywood wasn't an easy ride. He started out as an action and dancing hero and went on to successfully create a mark for himself in the Hindi cinema. The actor has proved he is irreplaceable. His wonderful performances in films like Ilzaam, Raja Babu, Partner, Bhagam Bhag, Life Partner, Hero No. 1, Deewana Mastana, and Bade Miyan Chote Miyan are still etched in our minds. He often creates buzz due to his appearances on reality shows and more. On the personal side, Govinda is married to Sunita Ahuja.

They are parents to Tina Ahuja and Harshvardhan Ahuja. Talking about Govinda's daughter, she made her debut in Bollywood with Second Hand Husband. She is very active on social media and keeps creating buzz. On the other hand, Govinda's son Yashvardhan also aspires to become an actor. Today, on the occasion of Govinda's birthday, let's take a look at his pictures with his wife Sunita, daughter Tina, and son Yashvardhan.

We all know that Krushna Abhishek’s sister and Govinda’s niece Arti Singh is locked inside the Bigg Boss house, and ever since she entered the house, her family and friends have been supporting Arti on social media. From Krushna Abhishek, Karan Singh Grover, and Bipasha Basu, to Kashmera Shah and Yuvika Chaudhary, among others, a lot of TV and Bollywood celebs have come out to support Arti and her journey.

And in the latest, we have Govinda’s daughter and Arti’s cousin, Tina Ahuja, who showered praises on cousin Arti Singh and wished her all the best. Tina Ahuja, in an interview, said that she really hopes that Arti Singh wins the show. Seeing Arti Singh in the show, we can say that she is a headstrong girl and always stands by what is correct. Although in the beginning she was lost somewhere and even Salman Khan pointed out the same, now, she has started to fight for what is right, and for starters, fans loved it when Arti gave it back to Sidharth Shukla when the latter mocked her for having no stand in the house. Now, Tina says that Arti is very friendly and strong-headed.

“Arti is super friendly and strong-headed at the same time. Such a powerful combo has carried her all the way to success until now. I wish her all the luck in the hope that she wins this season,” shared Tina. Talking about the show, in yesterday’s episode, Paras Chhabra left the house to undergo surgery, and post Paras’ exit, Shehnaaz had a breakdown as she confessed her feeling for him to Arti Singh. Now, this weekend, Rashami Desai, Himanshi Khurana, Asim Riaz, and Shefali Jariwala are nominated for eliminations and it will be interesting to see who will get evicted this week. Stay tuned to Pinkvilla for all the updates!

She is young, pretty, and raring to go. Narmmadaa aka Tina Ahuja who will be making her debut with Second Hand Husband shows none of the jitters expected from a debutante, nor is she frazzled by her much-delayed debut. “If I hadn’t got a good script I would have happily sat at home,” she shrugs. This is a one-star kid who seems to have her feet firmly planted on the ground. Having been written about for years over her Bollywood debut, Govinda's daughter has learned to take the controversies in her stride. “I know the truth and don’t get affected by whatever is written.”

Dressed in blue jeans teamed with a black tee, Tina (it was her friends who gave her the pet name and insisted that she use it as her screen name) is ready to be grilled and takes every question on her chin giving some sweet and delightful answers.

I wouldn’t say that, but I am very happy and looking forward to the release of Second Hand Husband. Earlier too, I had a lot of offers, but I didn’t want to take up anything just because there was a lot of pressure on me as articles about my debut were being written. I know where I come from, the legacy I have to take forward, and the comparisons that will be made. So, unless I was sure about the script I didn’t want to do a film. If I wouldn’t have got something as good as Second Hand Husband, I would have happily sat at home. It’s not as if age is an issue, I am still young!

He always told me to do things my way. Moreover, I don’t ever want my dad to call up producers and recommend me. He is a superstar and I don’t want to bring him down. I have seen other people calling him to recommend them! If I want work, I have no issues calling up or meeting producers. I have already told a few producers that I would like to work with them. In fact, I was the one who called Smeep Kang (director of Second Hand Husband) after I saw one of his Punjabi films. I got Smeep’s number from a friend, called him, and said that I wanted to work with him. A few months later, Smeep called me as he was planning to make his debut in Bollywood. He offered me the film at a time when I was in two minds about actually getting into movies or not. I was like, ‘Accha Hoga to Theek hai, Nahi Hoga Toh I am happy at home.’

Not at all. I have met Salman Khan only three or four times in my life and I am too shy of him. When I was a kid, he was my favorite actor. There would be articles about how despite being Govinda’s daughter, I liked Salman! I don’t have the guts to ask him to launch me.

These were just rumors. He never told Salman to launch me. He always said, ‘If Salman has supported me to get back into films (Partner) after I quit politics, it doesn’t mean meri Beti ko Bhi launch Karega. Usne theka nahi leke rakha hai hamara. We should be grateful for what he has done and not expect too much.

Nobody. My father never gave filmi dinners or parties. Once he came home he switched off from films. Yes, as a kid I used to go to birthday parties and the others would come to mine, but growing up I had normal non-filmi friends. As a kid, I used to eat in the school canteen, and watch movies in theatres without security even then. All these things keep you grounded and make you more real.

When I told him I wanted to be an actress he sat me down and explained the pros and cons of the profession. He told me it involves a lot of hard work. He has always treated me like a princess at home, so he was a little concerned. The rest, he said, handle it your way.

Very chilled out. Earlier, he did not have much time at home, because he was shooting for films. We had to adjust according to his schedule. We would go on his sets, and grab some time to meet him. Summer vacations used to be spent abroad because he would be shooting in foreign locales. Anytime I have a problem, or am not too confident about something, he sorts it out in two minutes. He is not strict, but there are certain things he doesn’t like - drugs, drinking, and smoking, which I refrain from in any case.

I don’t know because we haven’t discussed it. Second Hand Husband is a neat and clean film, so that question didn’t arise. Jab hoga tab dekhungi kya reaction hai! This film is a rom-com with a social concept, that of alimony. I am playing Gippy Grewal’s lawyer and girlfriend.

Being passionate about work, giving your 100 percent, and doing justice to the character. For my character Gurpreet who is shown as a girl from Punjab, I gained seven kilos to look like one. I worked a lot on how would she look and dress up. And now, I am trying to get back to my size six. This is something I learned from my dad, as well as being a thorough professional. I know people used to talk about his late-coming on the sets, but he was right in his own way. He was doing six-seven shifts a day, so you can’t expect him to be on time. I have also learned to not take anything to heart. If there is one hit, there will be one failure. Even superstars have equal stress after giving blockbusters. So, better not to give unnecessary importance to it.

Govinda’s daughter, Tina Ahuja recently opened up on her journey into the film industry and said that now she doesn't feel the pressure of being a no-kid. She said that she has never taken any professional help from his father and that she has been offered films on her own merit. Tina, who made her Bollywood debut in 2015 with Smeep Kang’s Second Hand Husband promises to be one of the entertainers just like her father. She enjoys a massive fan following on social media and around.  

In an interview with TOI, Tina said she doesn't feel the pressure of being a star kid. She added that Govinda never tried to use his influence to get her film offers. 

“That’s the one thing that dad has not done so far and I have never asked him to. The day I feel that I need something, he is always there, but I can never be called a Nepo-kid; I have got all my movies on my merit. I got all the offers on my own; he never had to help me. But he was aware of what I was doing or not doing."

With his crazy good dance skills and equally amazing acting chops, Govinda had created a niche for himself in  Bollywood. His daughter Tina Ahuja followed in her father's footsteps and is trying to replicate his success with her journey, in which she proudly claims she has never asked her father to help. In an exclusive tête-à-tête with ETimes, Tina opens up about her journey so far. Excerpts:

What he told me was just to give my best, have fun, and leave the rest to destiny. It's very important for you to be honest about your work and give your best so that you don't regret anything in life. Sometimes, you think something is right and maybe that isn't, but as far as you have given your best, you don’t feel guilty or bad about it. So that's one really good piece of advice that dad gave me. I personally felt that it paying heed to his advice worked well for me; I gave my best and just left the rest to God.

Never; if that was the case, I would have signed 30-40 films already! That’s the one thing that dad has not done so far and I have never asked him to. The day I feel that I need something, he is always there, but I can never be called a Nepo-kid; I have got all my movies on my merit. I got all the offers on my own; he never had to help me. But he was aware of what I was doing or not doing. He still gets a report of everything that I am doing, but that doesn’t mean that he will interfere in my work. Dad has never called up anyone to get me a movie, so I can't be called a no-kid.

That has never happened but I know that he would love to produce a film for me because he has expressed that to me a lot of times. He is always very supportive of my work. So let's see, maybe in the future, we might do that as well.

One hundred percent! I've gone many times to him to ask for his opinion. He has a lot of experience since he has been in Bollywood for so long. So, I discuss my work with him, but ultimately he makes me take the last decision. Because today, if something works out or doesn't, you will take the blame on yourself and take full responsibility, rather than putting it on others. He has given me the faith to believe in myself. He also discusses his work with me which is the best part. There have been so many instances when he narrates the subjects that are being offered to him and we discuss it like a team and take a joint decision.

Tina Ahuja was born on 16th July 1989 as Narmmadda Ahuja to Punjabi-Sindhi parents. Her father Govinda is a Bollywood actor and her mother Sunita Ahuja is a housewife. She has a younger brother named Yashwardhan Ahuja. Tina holds a strong acting background as her father Govinda is a renowned and well-known Bollywood actor. Her paternal grandparents also had flourishing careers in the field of acting. Her grandfather Arun Kumar Ahuja was an actor and a producer, whereas her grandmother Nirmala Devi was an actress and singer.

Tina’s other cousins are also contributing to the acting niche, both on the small screen and the big screen. She is the cousin of Krushna Abhishek (Actor-Comedian), Vinay Anand (Actor), Arjun Singh (actor), Anand Singh (actor), Amit Khanna (TV actor), Ragini Khanna (TV actress), and Arti Singh (Actress).

Tina had her college degree in fashion design. Thereafter, to learn acting, she enrolled in Kishore Namit Kapoor’s Institute and then at London Film institute respectively. Tine began her acting career in Bollywood with the film “Second Hand Husband” (2015), portraying the role of Gurpreet. Another Bollywood actor Gippy Grewal made his debut in this movie and was paired with Tina Ahuja. Her latest release is known to be Kaagaz (2021), which is the joint production venture of Salman Khan and Karan Johar, and Pankaj Tripathi’s first-ever role as a lead actor.

Tina Ahuja is an Indian actress in Hindi cinema. Her real name is Narmada Ahuja. She is known for the Punjabi film Second Hand Husband. Bollywood actor Govinda’s daughter Tina Ahuja is known as a fashionista and everyone becomes a fan of her fashion. Even though she has not been able to do a blast on the big screen yet, there is no answer to this beauty in the matter of fashion. Tina has been seen with her family on many TV shows. Although Tina is not as famous in the Bollywood corridors, she often remains in the headlines.

Tina Ahuja has a Stunning figure and she is 165 cm tall which is 5 feet 5 inches. She has a keen interest to maintain her body fitness her weight is 52 kg. Tina Ahuja is very health conscious she always takes care of her looks and appearance. She visits the gym regularly and her figure measurement is 33-26-33 she has attractive Black hair and Black eyes.

Tina Ahuja was born on 16th July 1989 (Sunday) in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. She was born in the home of the Hindi film industry’s well-known actor Govind Ahuja aka Govinda. Her mother name is Sunita Ahuja. She also has a brother named Yashvarhdan Ahuja.

With pictures of, Ananya Panday, and Alaya F going viral on social media, netizens were well-acquainted with them much before their debut. Sanaya Kapoor hasn’t even spared a hint about a career yet. Interestingly, none of their parents were successful in their prime, but their younger ones have been handed out dear stardom on a silver platter.

Then, we have Govinda, a superstar of his time, who delivered back-to-back hits all through the 80s and the 90s but has struggled to get his daughter a decent launch. We never get to hear about Narrmadaa Ahuja, aka Tina, and the cold shoulder from the shutterbugs is all too evident, given even Shweta Bachchan’s daughter gets a fair share of it. Shall we believe, then, that Tina never goes to the gym or the airport flaunting a click-worthy ‘look’?

Govinda never belonged to the elite clique comprising a few mega banners and stars who won their endearment. He could never be part of a Yash Raj film, nor did Karan Johar sign him in. Blockbusters like Coolie No. 1, Dil Dariya, Hum, Shola Aur Shabnam, Aankhein, and Sajan Chale Sasural transformed him into an actor of the masses; though there was no dearth of talent in him, Chichi couldn’t enter the industry gentry. It was mostly David Dhawan who gave him a platform.

Real Name Narmada Ahuja
Nickname Tina
Profession Actress
Debut Film-Second Hand Husband, in the year 2015
Language Known Hindi, Punjabi & English
Date Of Birth 16 July 1989 (Sunday)
Age (as of 2021) 32 Years
Birthplace Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Hometown Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Nationality Indian
Religion Hinduism
Star Sign/ Zodiac Sign Cancer
Height in Centimeters 165 cm
Height in Meters 1.65 m
Height in Feet & Inches 5′ 5″
Weight in Kilograms 52 kg
Weight in Pounds 115 lbs
Figure Measurement (approx.) 33-26-33
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Father Govinda 
Mother Sunita Ahuja
Sister 1 (Name Not Known) (Died when she was just 4 months old)
Brother Yashvardan Ahuja
Marital Status Unmarried
Affairs/Boyfriends Not Known
Actor Govinda, Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar
Actress Deepika Padukone
Food Chocolates
Food Habit Non-Vegetarian
Film Not Known
Hobbies Dancing
Color Pink, White, Black, Blue
Sport Cricket
Car Collection Not Known
Holiday Destination Goa, London, Paris
Salary (approx.) INR 30-40 Lakhs/Film
Net Worth (approx.) Not Known


Twitter –@TinaAhuja16