Siddharth Gupta is an Indian model and film actor, who acts predominantly in the Bollywood film industry.


Last year, Sushant Singh Rajput’s unfortunate demise left everyone numb and heartbroken. The late actor’s fans and family members often remember him and share anecdotes on social media. That is what most of them will be doing today as it marks the 35th birth anniversary of the Dil Bechara star. Many netizens including his sister Shweta Singh Kirti have cherished old memories of Sushant by sharing them on social media. The latest to do so is his friend Siddharth Gupta.

The Vaastu star has shared a few throwback pictures of the late actor which are sure to make us miss him even more. In the first two pictures, Sushant is seen enjoying the swimming pool while the third one happens to be a silhouette picture. While sharing the post, Siddharth writes, “Happiest birthday my Bhai. I miss you so much. Only you know what you are to me. All the knowledge and wisdom you imparted to me and everyone you touched in your life will take your legacy forward. Thanks for making me understand consciousness, and thanks for teaching me how to love without conditions attached. Thanks for changing my life and helping me find myself. I am sure everyone you met would agree with it. Today I look up in the sky and smile cause I know you are smiling back. My Alien brother.”

Sushant Singh Rajput’s case is currently being investigated by three agencies – CBI, NCB, and ED. His fans and loved ones continue to seek justice for him. The late actor’s last appearance was in the movie Dil Bechara co-starring Sanjana Sanghi. It has been directed by Mukesh Chhabra and was released a month after SSR’s demise last year.

It has been a few hours since Vikas Gupta’s mom Sharda gave a clarification on social media about his allegation against the family in Bigg Boss 14. It so happened that he had an emotional breakdown inside the BB house post which he opened up on his relationship with an ex and with his family in front of the other housemates. Vikas stated that they dissociated themselves from him after he came out in public about his sexuality earlier this year. 

In the midst of all this, his brother Siddharth Gupta has now shared a cryptic post on social media. He has shared a throwback picture with the late Sushant Singh Rajput and penned down a note that seems to have something to do with Vikas Gupta’s recent allegations against him and his mom. Here’s what Siddharth wrote, “Miss you Bhai! Give me the strength to fight this lying evil. Give me the strength to maintain my character!” 

Earlier, Vikas and Siddharth’s mom Sharda had also issued a statement on social media in which she clarified that they cut off ties with the former even before he came out in public about his sexuality. She also admitted not being on good terms with Vikas but mentioned that it does not have anything to do with his sexual orientation. Earlier, the Bigg Boss contestant had claimed that Siddharth did not invite him to his birthday party that was held on November 3, 2020. The latter was a close friend of Sushant Singh Rajput and even shared an apartment with him for years. 

Siddharth Gupta has been on a roll these days. After becoming the national crush with his appearance in the Dhvani Bhanushali’s song Vaaste, Siddharth is currently basking in the success of Besharam Bewaffa. This isn’t all. The handsome hunk is once again back with a new song titled Dil Na Todunga directed by Remo D’Souza and he is excited about being a part of the song. In fact, Siddharth has been all praises for the choreographer turned director Remo D’Souza and called himself a fan of Remo.

Speaking about the same, Siddharth stated that he got the call for the song during the lockdown. “The first question that they asked me was ‘Are you interested in a project with Remo D'Souza?’. That itself was enough for me because I have always been such a huge fan of his work I grabbed onto the opportunity and luckily everything has worked out,” he added. When asked about his experience of working with Remo, Siddharth couldn’t stop gushing about him and said that the choreographer-director gives the artists enough space which makes it easy for them to give their best shot

Siddarth said, "The experience of working with Remo sir was insane! He is so humble which I believe is one of his best qualities. Very efficient, hard-working, and technically very sound. He has a clear vision but also gives you a lot of freedom on the set which makes it easier to give him your best shot."Interestingly, this is Siddharth’s first love song ever. He is always seen in heartbreak songs. To this, he said, “There are times where we need to celebrate love and this song personifies that. What an experience it was.”

Meanwhile, Remo D'Souza is currently recovering in hospital after suffering from a heart attack. He was rushed to Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani hospital in Mumbai on December 11 where he underwent angioplasty while in ICU.

With Vaastu hitting a billion mark and turning out to be one of the few Indian tracks to have hit the coveted position digitally, Siddharth Gupta has become a household name. Sid, who played the main lead in the Dhvani Bhanushali-sung track, has always been a star on social media, courtesy of his drop-dead gorgeous looks and dreamy eyes. Now, he's all set to feature in yet another T-Series music video - Besharam Bewaffa - that releases a week from now.

We caught up with Siddharth who is visibly happy with the response to Vaastu. "I'm thrilled with the audience's love. Actually, while we were shooting Vaaste, I had told the team that I'd be very upset if this didn't hit a billion. It's still there in the BTS of the music video that we shot. So it's surreal." 

But like most other actors, his career trajectory has been far from smooth and he's dealt with a lot of struggles too. When asked about the same, he explains what kept him away from the limelight. Siddharth tells us, "I'm nobody special and I'm not the first one to go through a struggle or the lows. Everyone who comes to Mumbai to become an actor goes through it. I give credit to Vasste because I got the acknowledgment I was craving. I have majorly had lows in that career and when you are dealing with the lows, you need this. I was hell bound to do only films back then. Today, I don't believe in it and feel every medium is important. Back then, I  didn't do a lot of things for the longest time. I kept craving for this acknowledgment. I kept questioning myself if I am good enough or if I'm on the right path. This song happened and it taught me to be ready to take up opportunities when they knock on your door." 

Sushant Singh Rajput was found dead in his apartment on June 14. Now, Siddharth Gupta who stayed with the late actor for about a year has recalled his time with SSR in a recent interview with the Quint. He has revealed how Sushant was as a person and other details. Siddharth says that when they lived together the Kedarnath actor was in a deeply spiritual phase and he used to hate being alone. Sushant was like a brother and mentor to Siddharth. 

 “Staying with him was like getting inspired every day,” added Siddharth. He further explained how they connected so well. He says that he is an engineer and Sushant was an engineer too. Both of them were into science and sports. “He made me understand the biggest thing, consciousness, he was a maverick,” stated Siddharth. 

Further, Siddharth, who is known for the music video Vaaste, has said that Sushant was a mad person and a genetic specimen. He said that he used to sleep at a particular time while Sushant used to sleep fall asleep without any warning and wake up a few hours later to sing bhajans. After waking up, Sushant used to open Siddharth’s door slightly, so that he also woke up from the sound of the bhajans in the morning. “When I would get up, two cups of coffee would already be ready for me. I’m a coffee addict because of him,” Siddharth said.

He further said that he had met Sushant at different phases, and in every phase, he was a different person. “He could talk about anything under the sun,” added the actor. One thing that he has learned from the later actor is that consciousness is something everyone should be grateful for. The actor further said that Sushant had great dreams and he taught him how to dream.

Vikas Gupta, who became a household name after his stint in Bigg Boss 11, recently caught headlines after his brother Siddharth did not invite him for his birthday party. Yes, Siddharth celebrated his birthday on November 3 (2020), with his mother, brother Vatan, and his close friends on Mumbai's Madh Island. However, Vikas was missing from Sidharth's birthday bash. 

Though matters between Siddharth and Vikas were not good for a few years, the latest reports claim that their equation has only worsened further. A news report in the Time of India, has Vikas sharing how his bisexuality has changed his bonds with his father. He reveals that since he has come out as a bisexual, his family has distanced him from him. In fact, Vikas also revealed that his mother and brother Siddharth left him after his sexual disclosure. Speaking frankly about the same Vikas said, 'My brother Sid and my mother left my home some time ago, things had gone very bad after I disclosed my bisexuality to the world. My family finds it embarrassing to have me around them. They don't want to be seen with me.' 

Further revealing why he was not invited to his brother Sidharth's birthday bash, Vikas shared. 'Our society can be difficult, so not inviting me to the birthday is fine. I don't wish to spoil their celebrations.' However, when Siddharth was asked why Vikas was not a part of his bash, Siddharth rather chose not to properly answer about 'personal' matters. 'How does what I do on my birthday make the news? This is my personal life and why am I being questioned about this,' Siddharth was quoted as saying.

Siddharth also clarified that everyone present at his birthday bash had undergone a COVID-19 antigen test. Moreover, they took precautionary measures of safety including temperature checks and had the Aarogya Setu App functioning. 

Meanwhile, it was in June this year, that Vikas disclosed to the world about his bisexuality on social media.' I fall in love with humans regardless of their gender. There r more like me. With Pride, I am Bisexual,' Vikas had revealed earlier. Siddharth Gupta who is the brother of Bigg Boss 11 contestant Vikas Gupta has won the audience over with his web series Ragini MMS Returns on ALT Balaji. Siddharth Gupta. The actress who is a lookalike of Mouni Roy looks great next to Siddharth. We at Pinkvilla exclusively got in touch with the handsome Siddharth Gupta as he got candid about the show and revealed the reason behind doing the web series. 

When we asked Siddharth that what about the show intrigued him to say yes and get on board the young actor said, "My major reason for doing it was to be a part of Ekta Kapoor's franchise, ALT Balaji is doing a great job. The content was a little different, It was younger, and It matched the kind of work I was looking for. It was hot, current, and nice so I had no reason to say no. There is a twist that is really close to reality and I just went ahead with it."

As we know Ragini MMS has a lot of adult content and not a lot of people are receptive to the kind of content shown, hence we asked Sid if he feels that due to the content will there be a limited audience. Once again a calm Siddharth said, "I don't really think so, but obviously we have to sell off on the basis of something, Ragini MMS as a brand sells off on horror and sex. They have to eventually portray that and put it in the content. Once people see the content I am pretty sure I won't get busted because it has much more to it. It's been shot in a very realistic way, nothing like before and it's quite relatable." 

Sushant Singh Rajput passed away on 14th June 2020 leaving the entire nation numb and heartbroken. His close friends loved ones, and fans still find it hard to believe that he is gone so soon. Meanwhile, they have been trying to cherish his fond memories through the medium of old pictures, videos, and of course, movies. For instance, Sushant’s sister Shweta Singh Kirti has been sharing a lot of updates on the late actor on social media.

As we speak of this, Sushant’s ex-roommate and friend Siddharth Gupta has recently shared a post on his Instagram handle. He has shared a throwback picture in which the late actor can be seen posing for the camera with some of his friends including Siddharth himself. He has also penned an emotional note for Sushant that reads, “Come back. Even as a shadow, Even as a dream.” That’s not all. He has also shared the popular trend #Warriors4SSR along with the post.

As we can see in the picture, Sushant who is clad in a yellow shirt and white pants holds his pet dog Fudge happily. This is sure to leave many of us emotional. (Trigger Warning) Meanwhile, the latest developments related to the late actor’s case have baffled everyone. His father KK Singh had filed an FIR against Rhea Chakraborty and five other people while accusing them of abetment of suicide, siphoning of finances, and other related allegations. Meanwhile, the CBI has also begun an investigation into the case.

Siddharth Gupta and Sushant Singh Rajput were the closest of buddies and in fact, shared the same apartment with him for years. Not many knew Sushant the way he did and a lot of people see an imprint of the late actor in him. He has maintained a dignified silence on the whole issue but now, we got him to celebrate the idea of Sushant, and his memories. No controversies, nothing; just raising a toast to the spirit and legacy of SSR. From how he has been there for Sid during his lowest lows to what bothered him, he's revealed it all. He also gets emotional about the last text he and friend Kushal Zaveri received from Sushant, five days before his death.

SSR had told Kushal that he was working on himself spiritually and even asked him and Siddharth to come and meet him. He expressed how he missed their 'golden days' together as a Pro Team. Sushant mentioned Siddharth to Kushal and sent love for him. When asked about the same, Siddharth shares, "I feel gutted. It's a huge loss for every one of us. I always followed what he was doing but he had moved on in his life. He had a different set of people that he was staying with.

When this message came, I remember talking to Kushal; I told him that I felt there might be something off because this wasn't him entirely being so out there. Kushal had messaged him back saying let's catch up soon and do the things we were doing. My aim was to not intrude on his space but I was expecting, because of that text, I am going to be able to meet him very soon and I will get to know what has happened. I sensed something. But obviously, I didn't have his number; Kushal recently got it. We didn't know where he was putting up at that time. Not in a million years, we could have thought of anything going wrong."

He further adds, "You can't change things, bro. It's a butterfly effect. You just feel that you could have changed a few things which I definitely believe. He was the happiest with all of us so if we were there, things would have been different. I remember that when I had left Sushant's house, he had told me, 'we will meet at the top'.

Siddharth Gupta is an Indian model and film actor, who acts predominantly in the Bollywood film industry. Siddharth made his Bollywood debut with Ekta Kapoor's Kuku Mathur Ki Jhand Ho Gayi starring  Simran Kaur Mundi directed by Aman Sachdeva and In the year 2017, he appeared in Ragini MMS Returns. He got a lot of fame with the song named Vaaste sung by Dhvani Bhanushali and Nikhil D’Souza. After this, he appeared in the music video named “Besharam Bewaffa” starring Divya Khosla Kumar sang by Pratik Bachan aka B Praak. Siddharth is very active on social media and always shares his dashing, travel, life events images, and videos on his Instagram account, where he has a huge fan following of 1million.

Siddharth Gupta was born and grew up in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India. He did his schooling in the private school of Dehradun. After completing his schooling he joined a College in Dubai, where he finished his Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) graduation.

Siddharth Gupta has a healthy physique and he is 6 feet 0 inches (183 cm) tall. Describing more about body fitness his weight is around 75 Kg (165  lbs). Siddharth Gupta always keeps himself fit and he is very healthy and Conscious. His chest measurement is 40 Inches, Waist is approx. 32 Inches & biceps measurement is 14 Inches. He has a nice hairstyle and got Black hair and Hazel Brown Eyes.

Siddharth Gupta was born on 4th November 1993 (Thursday) in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India. Siddharth’s mother’s name is Sharda Gupta and Siddharth also has two brothers named Vikas Gupta, and Watan Gupta, his brother Vikas Gupta is a producer, host, screenwriter, and reality television personality. He also has an elder sister named Komal Gupta Ravani and Siddharth is a cousin brother of actor Anshuman Malhotra.

Siddharth Gupta essayed the character of a teenager in the 2014 Bollywood movie Kuku Mathur Ki Jhand Ho Gayi. Also, the actor hosted season 7 of Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya (television series) along with Niti Taylor. Siddharth signed a three-movie contract with Balaji. In the year 2017, he performed the lead character in ALTBalaji’s Ragini MMS: Returns. In the year 2019, Siddharth collaborated with Dhvani Bhanushali for her music album Vaaste. As of 24th August 2020 (Monday), the album “Vaaste” has crossed 1.2 billion views on YouTube.

Real Name Siddharth Gupta
Nickname Siddharth, Sid
Profession Model, Actor
Debut Film-Kuku Mathur Ki Jhand Ho Gayi, In the year 2014

TV-Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Season 7, as a host, In the year 2016

Language Known Hindi & English
Hobbies Traveling, Gymming, Listening to Music, Watching Movies
Date Of Birth 4th November 1993 (Thursday)
Age (as of 2021) 28 Years
Birthplace Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India
Hometown Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India
Nationality Indian
Religion Hinduism
Star Sign/ Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Height in Centimeters 183 cm
in Meters 1.83 m
in Feet & Inches 6′ 0″
Weight in Kilograms 75 kg
Weight in Pounds 165 lbs
Body Measurement (approx.) Chest-40



Eye Color Hazel Brown
Hair Color Black
Father Not Known
Mother Sharda Gupta
Sister Komal Gupta Ravani
Brother Vikas Gupta, Watan Gupta
Cousin Anshuman Malhotra
Marital Status Unmarried
Affairs/Girlfriends Not Known
School Not Known
College/University University in Dubai
Educational Qualification Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech)
Actor Hrithik Roshan
Actress Katrina Kaif
Food Not Known
Film Not Known
Color Grey, Sky Blue, Black
Sport Cricket, Basketball
Car Collection Not Known
Holiday Destination Goa, London, Maldives
Salary (approx.) Not Known
Net Worth (approx.) Not Known

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