Shikha Singh is an Indian actress and model, notable for her work in the Indian television industry.


Shikha Singh on a lengthy note shared that the rest of her family members have tested negative and she has isolated herself from them. "One thing I feared the most during this covid outbreak was - “How will it affect Alayna” I was scared then, and I’m scared now. I’m Covid+ve but thankfully everyone around in the family is negative & I immediately isolated myself the moment I got a fever & chills. It’s been 36hrs I haven’t seen or met @alaynasinghshah & my heart aches to hold her, smell her & be with her. But I know I have to control my emotions for her good & I shall. My struggles- obviously the body aches, headache, fever, cough & all on one side but the main struggle is cos I was still breastfeeding her, she misses that comfort of soothing while going to sleep. Kudos to @car_run & Puja(Al’s Didi) for handling her so well that she is just busy in her routine."

The popular TV actress further shared how she is pumping her milk for baby Alayna under a doctor's supervision. Shikha wrote, "I'm pumping my milk & giving that to her as advised by our doctor as my milk will contain antibodies for her (not a carrier of covid). It’s a very tough time for us as a family but I'm still thankful to God that we are able to fight this out together & Alayna is safe. For me, it’s more of a mental fight to be away from my baby for such a long time for the first time but we shall overcome this too! More strength to everyone around fighting covid & hope you all recover soon! Love & strength."

Shikha Singh is a popular name on the television screen as she has been part of numerous daily soaps. She marked her presence with popular shows like Meri Doli Tere Angana, Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyaan, Phulwa, Sasural Simar Ka, and many others. The 35 years old actress had recently embraced motherhood and is enjoying the time with her baby. The actress has come to the limelight for posting a topless picture of herself on social media.

The actress shared a picture of herself in which she is topless, and the picture has gone viral on social media. She is lying down on the bed and has placed a pillow, covering her front. It seems like she is flaunting her toned arms. She is very active on social media and often shares her photos and videos with her fans. While her fans love her pictures, the present picture has not gone down well with her fans. She is getting trolled by the netizens and has been receiving backlash for the post. 

Sikha Singh became a household name as Alia Mehra in Kukum Bhagya. She received a lot of applause for playing the vicious character for 6 long years on the show. However, Sikha recently embraced motherhood, as she welcomed a baby girl. While the actress was expecting to return to Kumkum Bhagya in 2021, the makers decided to replace her. Reyhna Pandit walked into Sikha's shoes and is now seen as the 'new Alia' in the Sriti Jha (Pragya) and Shabir Ahluwalia (Abhi) starrer. 

It has been quite some time since Sikha's replacement on the show. However, ardent viewers of Kumkum Bhagya are still missing Sikha in the show. The actress has been inundated with multiple messages from fans on her social media questioning why she decided to 'quit' Kumkum Bhagya. While Sikha has in the past said that she did not bid goodbye to the daily soap, the questions from fans don't seem to stop. Recently, Sikha took to her Instagram handle to 'clarify' her bidding adieu to Kumkum Bhagya through a video message and put all speculations at rest. 

She revealed that she has been receiving many-many messages about her quitting Kumkum Bhagya. Revealing about the same Sikha shared, 'I never did (quit) and I never can because Kumkum Bhagya is in my heart. I loved being Alia, I loved Abhi, I loved Pragya.  I loved every character of Kumkum Bhagya, the whole plot, the whole show. I have been living it for six years, and I can never quit it.' Further, she urged fans to accept Reyhna in the show. 'But I request that the messages you guys (fans) are sending that you don't like the new Alia, I would request that you send all your love to her. Because love and kindness are all that we should spread.' 

As we all know, Shikha Singh, embraced motherhood last month as she gave birth to a baby girl, and reports suggest that she will no longer play the vicious Aaliya in Kumkum Bhagya. That’s right! For the past six years, Shikha has been playing the role of Aaliya in the show, and now that she is on maternity leave, the makers have decided to replace her. and Reyhna Pandit has been roped in to play the role of Aaliyah.

When Shikha Singh was asked about being replaced in the show, she said that although she hasn’t been officially informed about being replaced the fact of the matter is that she didn’t quite the show and was hoping to get back to work in January 2021. Also, Shikha felt that it is unfair to expect the production house to wait for her till then. “Also, I can’t resume work during the COVID-19 crisis, with a newborn at home,” shared Shikha.

Well, since Shikha was part of the show for six years, it is only natural on her part to miss the show, and talking about the same, she said that she is definitely going to miss the show as she shared that she is going to miss her colleagues and co-stars as it was fun shooting for Kumkum Bhagya. Meanwhile, Reyhna, who will be seen playing the role of Aaliya is happy that she has bagged the role as she said that she is excited to get back to work in these times of Coronavirus and although she is playing a negative role, that doesn’t bother her. “I don’t have many contacts in the industry, so I am happy that I am getting these interesting roles with good production houses,” shared Reyhna.

Kumkum Bhagya star Shikha Singh recently embraced motherhood to a baby girl. The actor is currently enjoying her first few days of motherhood with her husband Karan Shah. They have named their baby girl Alayna. In an exclusive chat with Pinkvilla, Shikha spoke about pregnancy during the lockdown, the meaning of Alayna, missing the Kumkum Bhagya sets, the bond between Sriti Jha and Shabbir Ahluwalia, when will she come back, and some more. Over to her:

It's time to send congratulatory messages to Sikha Singh and her pilot husband Karan Shah as they have welcomed their first child. Yes, the couple is blessed with a baby girl yesterday (June 16, 2020). A little angle has stepped on Sikha and Karan's doorsteps and the two have finally embraced parenthood together. It is said, 'Becoming a parent is one of the best and the happiest feelings in the world,' and Sikha and Karan are just enjoying that very feeling. 

Sikha who plays the role of Aaliya in Zee TV's most popular show Kumkum Bhagay shared her excitement about becoming a mother in a chat with the Times of India. An excited Sikha revealed the name of the baby and said that they are naming her  'Alayna Singh Shah.' The actress shared that they had decided on the name during their trip to the Maldives. She further revealed that it was the first name that the couple agreed upon, and post that throughout the pregnancy, they called their baby 'Al’. When asked about how she feels after embracing motherhood, Sikha said that the feeling is yet to sink in. She added that now that the baby has arrived, the couple is going to have sleepless nights taking care of her, and that will make her realize that she is a 'mommy' now. 

Speaking about how they managed during the Coronavirus crisis, Sikha said that her husband and she had taken all the necessary precautions that they could have throughout the pregnancy. They wore masks constantly, sanitized themselves, and did all household chores. The beautiful actress further added that God has been kind as everything went smoothly. The baby has blessed our lives and they both are healthy and fine. 

Moreover, the hospital is also taking very good care. They are meticulous and sanitize the area properly. However, she admitted that there's a different feeling to seeing everyone around in PPE kits. Also, no visitors are allowed, so her hubby Karan is staying with them and taking full care. 

Sikha is not planning to quit Kumkum Bhagya, however, it will take another some months to join back the daily soap drama. Talking about the same, she said that it will be some more months before I can get back to work and shoot. She added that with a baby around, she does not think she will be able to step out at all. The new mommy is extremely excited to head back home. 'I can’t wait for my pet (Labrador) Goku to meet Alayna,' concluded Sikha. 

Within a few days from now, Sikha Singh and her husband are going to enter into the 'happiest phase' of their lives. How do you wonder? Well, the duo is soon going to embrace parenthood and a 'new member' is going to fill their world with joy. Yes, we're talking about Kumkum Bhagya's Aaliya. The actress and her husband are going to be parents in June (2020), which means the 'good news can come anytime soon from the couple. Ever since Shikha's pregnancy, the duo is grinning from ear to ear and are eagerly waiting for the arrival of their baby. It is going to be their first child, and their happiness is beyond explanation.

The soon-to-be mommy has been sharing giving glimpses of her maternity period on her social media handle with fans. Now, just a few hours ago, the actress shared a beautiful picture with her hubby Karan Shah and wrote a heartwarming message about their future baby. She revealed how she has been thinking about the baby and how the child will be when he or she is born. However, now she prays that the child should just be kind and happy. She wrote, "Often I wondered while u were inside of me who in the world you will turn out to be. We just pray that you’ll be healthy, happy, honorable, and kindhearted. Can’t wait to meet ya 'Aai' (mom)" 

Its ringing wedding bells in the Telly World. The year started with Divyanka and Vivek getting engaged. Then followed a class wedding of Binny and Akshat and then an exotic one of Mohit and Sanaya. A few days ago, Mugdha and Ravish too got engaged. Now here is another couple who is set to tie the knot soon.

Kum Bhagya's Aliya aka Shikha Singh is all set to walk down the aisle soon with her Pilot boyfriend Karan Shah. While talking to a leading daily, Shikha said, "Karan is simple and honest and he understands the long hours I need to put in at work. Also, he is calm and tolerates me and my difficult ways! Of course, right now he keeps joking that his girlfriend has got the best day award." She also reveals that she has already bought a Gujrati planetary for the wedding.

Further,  while talking about how the two love birds met, Shikha explained, "I met Karan in the gym one day when I was helping a friend with his workout. That's when I realized we stayed in the same building. We were friends for almost two years and then decided to take it a step further. A week ago, he proposed casually at the lunch table when his parents were present and I accepted," she blushes.

Shikha further said, "We are used to getting hate mails for our screen image, but this amounts to perversion. Many women keep mum about such incidents, but as celebrities, it is our responsibility to not let them go unnoticed. I hope that my step encourages other women to speak up. Just because we are in the glamour industry, people feel that it’s their birthright to objectify us. My fight is not just against this man, but the mindset which is plaguing our society. I appeal to all men and women, who have faced such experiences, to come out in the open, and name and shame the perpetrators."

&TV’s latest show, Comedy Dangal witnessed a Dangal recently. A promo shoot for the show where the two glamorous actresses of Indian television, Shikha Singh and Lavina Tandon donned the look of popular wrestlers Geeta and Babita Phogat from Aamir Khan’s blockbuster movie Dangal. Popular comedian Mubeen Saudagar joined them donning Aamir’s look from the movie. The audience can certainly expect a lot of such get-ups and character-driven performances from the skit team.

In talking to them about the look they donned for the promo shoot, Shikha Singh said, “I took up the character of Geeta, the much talked about the character from Aamir Khan’s movie Dangal. As an actor, everybody wants to look glamorous but I don’t mind experimenting with my looks. I am very excited to do comedy and don’t mind taking up odd looks or makeup for the same. Shooting a promo with Anu Ji was super fun and enjoyable. I am cherishing every part of the shoot.” Gorgeous Lavina Tondon who seems much excited about her first-ever comedy reality show said, “I donned the look of Babita Phogat from Dangal. I am very tomboyish in real life that’s why I had great ease in getting into the skin of the character. I looked like a thirteen-year-old boy straight out of the Dangal movie and everybody teased me on the set but I don’t really mind. I wanted to do a reality comedy show for a very long time and I am doing everything to give hundred percent justice to it.”

While the first promo with the two leaders - Bharti Singh and Anu Malik of the stand-up and skit team respectively, has already created a lot of buzz among the viewers and grabbed a lot of eyeballs, seeing these two extremely gorgeous ladies in the Dhaakad look will definitely be a surprise for the viewers.

But it seems the 30th is the day of lovers! And why do we say that?! So along with Bips and Karan, actress Shikha Singh is also all set to tie the knot on the same day with her beau Karan Shah! Well, both the Bollywood and television beauties not only share the same date but also the same ' first names' of their to-be husbands! Shikha, currently seen as Aliya in KumKum Bhagya shared a picture on Instagram revealing her wedding date!

In the latest episode, we saw Alia scolding Tanu for not asking for money from her parents. Tanu reasons that if she asks for money from her parents, they would come to know that his property has been snatched away by Pragya, and then they would put their foot down on her choice to marry Abhi. Their argument escalates further when Alia, in a huff, decides to go out in search of money. Tanu asks Alia to listen to her but the latter refuses to pay heed. Alia shrugs Tanu’s hand with a jerk which makes Tanu loses her balance and fall to the ground. Tanu suffers an injury on her tummy due to which she faints. Pragya sees Tanu lying on the floor unconscious and immediately calls for an ambulance. She ushers Tanu to the hospital for a check-up and also informs Abhi about it. Bulbul and Purab also learn about Tanu’s accident and rush to the hospital to be with Pragya. They get to know from Pragya that Tanu and her baby are safe. Bulbul thinks of a plan to expose Tanu’s lie by putting the news about her accident on Abhi’s fan page and thus attract the attention of the man who is the real father of Tanu’s unborn baby. Pragya hesitates a bit but agrees to work on this plan at Bulbul and Purab’s behest. The news is put on Facebook and soon it spreads like wildfire. Nikhil (Nikhil Arya) sees the news and gets worried for Tanu.

Meanwhile, Alia returns home and learns about Tanu’s accident from Mitali and Indu Dadi. She realizes that it was due to her mistake that Tanu got hurt and thinks of stopping Nikhil from reaching the hospital to see Tanu. She dials Nikhil’s contact number and prohibits him from seeing Tanu. However, Nikhil does not give a hoot to Alia and resolves to meet Tanu at any cost.

In the recent episode, we saw Alia (Shikha Singh) paying the price for her madness for Purab (Arijit Taneja) which compelled her to almost kill Bulbul (Mrunal Thakur). It so happens that Abhi (Shabir Ahluwalia) asks his evil sister Alia to get out of the house for good for attempting to kill Bulbul. Alia, instead of feeling sorry, alleges Abhi for standing up against her for Bulbul’s sake and curses Pragya as well. She calls Abhi a worthless brother for taking an unfair decision. Dadi and Pragya (Sriti Jha), however, ask Abhi to forgive Alia and urge him to revoke his decision to throw Alia out of the house. Abhi’s heart melts at last and he agrees to do the bidding of his Dadi and beloved wife Pragya. However, he tells Alia that he won’t keep any relationship with her hereon and will prefer to stay like a stranger with her under the same roof as a punishment to her. Bulbul is rushed for medical aid so that she recovers from the head injuries incurred by her due to Alia. Know what events will unfold in the next episode, by tuning in to this space.

Shikha Singh took to her Instagram to give her fans a glimpse of the first time she held her daughter and the two got clicked together. The Kumkum Bhagya actress is seen on the hospital bed, post her delivery in the picture. She is holding her baby girl and smiling at the newfound joy of motherhood.

Shikha Singh got married to her long-time boyfriend, Karan Shah, on May 1, 2016. In the caption of the post, she mentioned how the day her daughter was born was one of the best days of the couple’s life. She also joked that her open her looked like the newborn’s closed eyes. She wrote, “Definitely one of the best days of our lives!! I think it’s the other way round. I look more like her in this pic. Our 1st pic together.

Motherhood is a blessing and the feeling that a woman goes through while giving birth to her child cannot be expressed in words. And it seems Television actress Shikha Singh is experiencing all of it as she and her pilot husband Karan Shah have been blessed with a baby girl on June 16. Shikha, who is popularly known for her role of Aaliya in Ekta Kapoor's daily soap Kumkum Bhagya announced her pregnancy in the month of April this year and left her fans excited. In an interview with Bollywood Times, the actress also opened up about their baby girl's name-- Alayna Singh Shah which the couple decided during their trip to the Maldives in the month of February. She even spoke about how the two of them during the course of her pregnancy used to call their baby 'AI.'

Shikha and Karan got married to each other after dating for four years and now after years of a happy married life, the couple is embracing parenthood. Talking about the arrival of the baby, Shikha said, "We are naming her Alayna Singh Shah. During our trip to the Maldives in February, we had decided that if we have a daughter, this would be her name. This was the first name we both agreed upon, and after that, throughout the pregnancy, we called our baby, ‘Al.’"

Shikha Singh Shah aka Shikha Singh is an Indian actress and model, notable for her work in the Indian television industry. Shikha is popular for her character as Amba in Na Aana Is Des Laado. Singh made her debut with the soap opera Left-Right-Left in the year 2007. Other than television soap operas Shikha also performed in comedy shows such as Jublie Comedy Circus and Comedy Nights Bachao. Shikha Singh also acted in Kundali Bhagya. In the year 2006, The actress also got Miss Chandigarh. Shikha is very active on social media and always shares her bold, charming, travel, life events images, and videos on her Instagram account, where she has 926k followers.

Shikha Singh was born and raised in Chandigarh, Punjab, India. She did her schooling at Punjab High School. After finishing her schooling at Punjab High School, she joined the Punjab University, Punjab, India, where she finished her graduation in economics. Shikha has always been fond of acting, since childhood. After completing her higher studies she participated in many competitions and performs as a theatre artist for some time and finally, she got a chance to act in the television show named ‘Left Right Left’, in the year 2007. She has worked very hard to become a good actress.

Shikha Singh has a Stunning figure and she is 165 cm tall which is 5 feet 5 inches. She has a keen interest to maintain her body fitness her weight is 56 kg. Shikha Singh is very health conscious she always takes care of her looks and appearance. She visits the gym regularly and her figure measurement is 30-28-34 she has attractive Black hair and Dark Brown eyes.

Shikha Singh was born on the 7th February 1986 (Friday), in Chandigarh, Punjab, India, in a middle-class Hindu family. Her brother’s name is Yujvendar Singh. There is not much information available about Shikha’s family. Talking about Shikha’s love life, her affair with Capt. Karan Shah and the couple tied the knot on 1st May 2016 (Sunday) in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, and the couple blessed with a baby girl, her name is Alyana Singh Shah born on 16th June 2021 (Wednesday). There is also a dog in his house whose name is Goku Shah.

Shikha Singh’s acting debut was in the SAB Television series Left Right Left as Cadet Aakriti Bhat, in the year 2007. Shikha was next seen in Zee Television’s Meri Doli Tere Angana and Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyaan. In the year 2009, she featured on Colors Television’s Uttaran as Kukki, and the next year, the actress entered Colors Television’s social drama Na Aana Is Des Laado as Amba Sangwan before her exit from it in the year 2011. The actress collaborated with Colors Television 3rd and consecutive times, for Phulwa. Shikha began 2013 with Life OK’s 26/12 in the role of Shahana Malik and following bagged Adaalat. It was followed by performing Meghna Singhania in Sasural Simar Ka on Colors, and then Shikha enacted brave girl warrior Shikhandi in the epical Television series Mahabharat; both characters were from the year 2013 to the year 2014.

From the year 2014 to the year 2020, the actress played the appreciative role, of Alia Mehra, in Kumkum Bhagya; between this, Shikha was cast as the same character on its spin-off Kundali Bhagya, and also Shikha was cast in Chandra Nandini on Star Plus and &Television’s famous episodic Laal Ishq as Vibha. Apart from acting, Shikha performed as herself in Sony Entertainment Television’s Jubilee Comedy Circus, in the year 2008. The actress anchored the channel exchanging series Gold Safe, from the year 2009 to the year 2010. Shikha was seen on Comedy Nights Bachao in the years & 2016.

Full Name Shikha Singh Shah
Real Name Shikha Singh
Nickname Shikha
Profession Actress, Model
Debut TV-Left Right Left, In the year 2007
Language Known Hindi, Punjabi & English
Date Of Birth 7th February 1986 (Friday)
Age (as of 2021) 35 Years
Hobbies Dancing, Cooking Traveling, Writing
Birthplace Chandigarh, Punjab, India
Hometown Chandigarh, Punjab, India
Nationality Indian
Religion Hinduism
Star Sign/ Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Height in Centimeters 165 cm
In Meters 1.65 m
In Feet & Inches 5 ‘5″
Weight in Kilograms 56 kg
Weight in Pounds 123 lbs
Figure Measurement (approx.) 30-28-34
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Black
Father Not Known
Mother Name Not Known
Sister Not Known
Brother Yujvendar Singh
Marital Status Married
Affairs/Boyfriends Karan Shah
Husband Karan Shah
Marriage Date 1st May 2016 (Sunday)
Marriage Place Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Children Daughter-Alyana Singh Shah was born on 16th June 2021 (Wednesday)


School Punjab High School, Punjab, India
College/University Punjab University, Punjab, India
Educational Qualification Graduation in Economics
Actor Shah Rukh Khan, Ranbir Kapoor
Actress Alia Bhatt Kareena Kapoor Khan
Food Not Known
Food Habit Vegetarian
Film Not Known
Color Pink, Red, Black, Blue, White, Yellow
Sport Cricket
Holiday Destination Goa, London, Maldives
Car Collection Not Known
Salary (approx.) Not Known
Net Worth (approx.) $1 Million-$5 Million

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