Shamita Shetty Wiki, Age, Height, Family, Boyfriend, Husband, Biography & More

Shamita Shetty is an Indian-recognized interior designer, model, and actress.

Shamita Shetty Wiki, Age, Height, Family, Boyfriend, Husband, Biography & More

Shamita Shetty recently visited Pune and spent a day with boyfriend  Raqesh Bapat, his sister Sheetal and niece Isha. Talking about the visit Shamita says, “Until now I used to visit Pune only for my professional commitments, but now I have a really lovely reason to come here.”While this was a personal visit, Shamita also says that she will try to visit Pune more frequently and would love to go around the city and do more things here.

Besides her bond with Raqesh Shamita's camaraderie with her elder sister Shilpa Shetty Kundra is also a talking point. “There is a lot of love and respect between us. Being my elder sister, I look up to her. When I was very young, we two had fun times, but now our relationship has further evolved and matured. Even though we are from the same industry, we are two very different people.”

Currently, Shamita is also going through a lot of scripts and she wants to take a deep dive into work now. “One thing I know for sure is that I don’t want to restrict myself to any one medium, be it OTT, Bollywood, or TV. Whatever fascinates and interests me I will do that. I don’t mind doing a comedy, thriller, or an action project," she says.

In another interview with us, Shamita had said what it means to be in a relationship with Raqesh. "Raqesh is a great guy. He is someone who has a very good understanding of life. He is easy to be with, which is definitely an important factor for me. So far, we are going well, and I would want to leave it at that right now. Apart from being grounded, Raqesh is someone with who I can talk about anything. He is a very good listener and we don’t find that quality in a lot of men. I feel comfortable enough to share anything with him. It is a very good quality to have and it makes me feel secure." she had said.

She further added, "To be honest, when we entered the house, we didn’t expect to find someone. We were not even looking to get into any relationship. But as we got to know each other, we kind of understood that we wanted to explore something solid outside the house too. Once we came out, we realized that we really wanted to take this forward, and got to know each other better."

Shamita Shetty is 42 and is not in a rush to tie the knot. The actress feels that she wants to take it easy and wait for the right guy to enter her life. The actress had once asserted that she has been single for such a long time as she is not happy with the kind of things she has seen in society. Shamita feels that partners do not get respect when they get married.

During an interview with Hindustan Times, she had said, "People are in marriages and still doing their own things on the side. They don’t respect their partners enough and don’t hold onto relationships the way it was in the past. I don’t believe in falling in love today, getting married and if it doesn’t work, you go your own way. It’s not about that for me".

She was further asked if she was ever pressurised by her mother to settle down. Shamita said that she won't call it pressure as every parent wants to see their child settle down. Initially, when she had lost her father, her mom would be worried and all the focus came on the other child. Although Shamita does not stress the same.

Shamita further spoke about Shilpa's reaction and said that her sister is not concerned anymore now. "She’s kind of understood that I need to find my own way, so she doesn’t pester me. [Also] When these things have to happen, they just happen. My doors are very much open, but honestly, I haven’t found anyone that I can spend the rest of my life with", Shamita further revealed.

Shamita, who is rarely seen on the big screen, once reportedly said in an interview that she has not been a part of many films for a while. According to her, she has said no so much that eventually work stopped coming to her but she never stresses quantity.

Elaborating further, the actress added for, quality matters. According to her, you are taking out time from your life to do something that you love and you should be happy doing it. Shamita added that she doesn’t want to do a film just for the sake of it. She had to pick the best from what came to her.

Shamita Shetty is presently one of the contestants of the reality show Bigg Boss 15. This is not the first time the actress has become a contestant on the show. She was also a contestant on the show in season 3. The actress has walked out of the show, due to personal reasons as her sister was getting married in the same year. The actress had gone out of the house voluntarily.

In the particular episode, it was seen that Shilpa Shetty came to the show to announce her wedding. This leaves Shamita and all the housemates surprised. Later Shamita was seen in a dilemma about leaving the show to attend her sister’s wedding. Finally, the beautiful diva had decided to walk out of the house to be with her sister for her special day.

"I am just so excited about Shilpa's wedding," said the younger sibling. "Family comes first for me, so I couldn't help but come out of the show to be with her." Shamita had missed out on Shilpa's engagement the previous month as she was already in the house. But the news was given when the model entered the Bigg Boss house and told her of the occasion. Shamita could not wait to get voted off and instead walked out to attend their big sister's wedding.

Shilpa Shetty got married to businessman Raj Kundra on 22nd November. Raj Kundra has decided to ride a chariot to Shilpa's wedding venue in Khandala, instead of the traditional mare.  Shilpa Shetty, who had been shooting in Hyderabad for her Indo-Chinese production 'Desire' was seen wearing a Tarun Tahiliani bridal attire for the wedding.

Bigg Boss 15 has been all about endless drama and controversies. Each week adds to the entertainment quotient as contestants are often seen locking horns time and again. Amid this, Shamita Shetty has been one of the most talked-about contestants on the popular reality show who tends to grab the attention for her game the show. While she has emerged as a strong contender on Bigg Boss 15, she is often seen getting into arguments over her shoulder pain. And while her shoulder pain once again became a topic of discussion, Rajiv Adatia and Shilpa Shetty have come out in her support.

This happened after Rakhi Sawant was seen imitating her regarding her shoulder pain which left Shamita heartbroken. Extending his support to the actress, former contestant Rajiv Adatia took to social media and wrote, Just wanted to say Shamita has been in excruciating pain! When I went into the house she was doing all the washing up alone without complaining! In a task, she got injured very badly and the doctor had told her to tone it down! I used to massage her arms and back to get her relief every night. There were days she would cry in pain. She’s a strong girl! She really is trying her best. I was in the house and believe me it’s very genuine. She really is suffering from extreme shoulder pain on both sides and is taking treatment for the same.” 

Meanwhile, Salman Khan had recently schooled Shamita Shetty for pushing Rakhi Sawant on Bigg Boss 15. She said, “The way you pushed Rakhi was wrong. You have called Umar Riaz for being aggressive. You did the same thing, which you are against,” he added.

Bigg Boss 15, which has been synonymous with controversies and endless tiffs, is all set to witness a night of emotions tonight. The contestants of the popular reality show are all set to welcome 2022 together and they seem to be quite excited about it. And while Bigg Boss house will be witnessing a small party for the contestants, Salman Khan’s presence during the Weekend Ka Vaar will add to the entertainment quotient. However, as per the recent promo, tonight’s episode will witness an emotional segment, as well as Shamita Shetty, will break down on seeing their sister Shilpa Shetty Kundra.

This will happen after Shamita will get a video call from her sister. As the Shetty sisters get excited to see each other after almost six months, Shamita gets emotional about the same. In the promo, Shilpa said, “I love you, baby, I really love you. This has been for the first time in our lives that we have stayed apart for so long. I haven’t seen her for six months”. While Shamita couldn’t hold up her tears, Shilpa added, “Shamita, I don’t want you to cry. We are each other’s strength. For me, Shamita is already the winner and I am proud to be her sister”.

 Shilpa  Shetty has appealed for votes for sister Shamita Shetty, who is currently a contestant on a popular television reality show, Bigg Boss 15. The actress was papped at the airport recently, along with her two kids, son Viaan Raj Kundra, and daughter Samisha Kundra. As the shutterbugs captured her in photos and videos, Shilpa made sure to make an appeal to Shamita. She asked the paps to vote for her. Moreover, she also said that this time around Shamita should win the title of Bigg Boss 15 winner with the grace of people’s blessings.

In a recent video, Shamita can be seen at the airport as she holds her daughter Samisha in her arms. Her son Viaan is seen walking beside her as well. As the paparazzi click them, they interact with Shilpa and the kids. As Shilpa is about to wear her mask, she appeals before the camera for people to vote for Shamita, who is currently in the Bigg Boss 15 house. Shilpa says, “Vote Karo yaar, Shamita Ke Liye...Jeetni Chahiye is Baar, AAP logo key Aashirvaad Se”, while the paparazzi reassure her that she will definitely win. 

For the unversed, this is Shamita Shetty’s third time appearing on the reality show. She was first seen in the third season of Bigg Boss. She came as a contestant once again in the digital spin-off of the show, Bigg Boss OTT earlier this year. Recently, Shilpa Shetty and her mother Sunanda Shetty came out in support of Shamita after Rakhi Sawant imitated and mocked her shoulder pain, leaving Shamita heartbroken. 

Bollywood actor Shilpa Shetty and her sister and  Bigg Boss 15 Fame Shamita Shetty share a strong bond. The same bond was reflected when the two sisters sat down for a chat show recently. During the conversation, Shamita opened up about her battle with depression and how she makes sure that she doesn’t go back into that phase of her life.

On Shilpa’s chat show Shape of You, Shamita shared how it was her boyfriend at the time who pointed out that “something is wrong”. She said, “When I was going through that phase for the first time, I didn’t know it was depression. I couldn’t understand why am I behaving in a particular way. I was dating someone at that point, and he told me, ‘I think there’s something wrong.'”

However, the Mohabbatein actor eventually came out of the difficult phase of her life, and now she believes that since she got past it, she can overcome anything in life. And, this is why she managed to survive the difficult times inside the Bigg Boss house and ended up as one of the finalists on the show.

She shared, “I don’t know what I was thinking when I decided to go to the Bigg Boss house. I had extreme highs and lows in that house. I don’t know how I managed to put myself together and move on. It is because of what I have been through in my past. I have been through depression, and that is what made me stronger. It gives me the courage to take on challenges. I feel since I have overcome that, I can overcome anything.”

During the conversation, Shamita said people need to own up that they are going through that phase, and it is important for the families to support that person. Now, even after battling depression, the actor makes sure to take care of herself. “I have to be aware every day. I look for signs. I make conscious efforts to not do things that could take me back into that phase. So that awareness helps me,” Shamita revealed.

Bigg Boss 15's  Shamita Shetty, who met  Raqesh Bapat in the Bigg Boss OTT house and fell in love recently expressed her desire to get married this year in BB 15. The actress even asked Pandit Janardan about her future and marriage during one of the tasks in the Bigg Boss house. Now that Shamita is out of the reality show, she's busy spending time with her boyfriend Raqesh and the couple has been painting the town red with her cozy pictures. While talking exclusively to ETimes TV, Shamita spilled the beans about her relationship with Raqesh and marriage plans. She told us in the interview, that she wants to settle down, work and have babies.

"I was sending positive energies to the universe while I was inside the BB 15 house because I believe in manifesting things. It is an affirmation that I am getting married this year so the universe has to make sure that I get married this year. During COVID I really realized that I was alone and the loneliness got to me. I’ve been single for a very long time and I live my life my way or on my own terms. I definitely missed having a partner. I am happy that I’ve one right now. Let’s see where that goes but yes I would like to settle down, work, and also have my babies. There’s a lot that I want to do," she said

Talking about her relationship with Raqesh, the actress stated that she wants to know him more and she hopes they have a positive future together, "I was away from Raqesh for such a long time in that house that I would sometimes think that is he still my boyfriend? I would think 3/4 months is such a long time and a lot of things change. That’s the reason I would often ask everyone is Raqesh still my boyfriend or has he moved on because I really had no idea. And if he had moved on also I wouldn’t have blamed him because main Itne time Ke Liye use Aag this (I was away from him for such a long time) and that too without any communication. He had no access to me except the television screen. But the bond was strong enough to have both of us feel the same way. When I came out of the house, he waited for me and we would like to get to know each other well. I met him on a game show and that world is totally different. I want to know him in the outer world and hopefully, there’s a positive future for both of us together," she said.

The controversial reality shows Bigg Boss apart from its fights is also known for giving rise to some of the greatest friendships. During every season, we witness some of the great friendships being forged on the show which eventually became the talk of the town.

The friendship that became the major highlight of the recently ended season 15 was between actress Shamita Shetty and singer Neha Bhasin. The beauties bonded quite well during Bigg Boss OTT and their friendship continued even outside the show. Post that, Shamita Shetty entered the main Bigg Boss 15 house while Neha entered after some time as a wild card contestant.

After Bigg Boss 15, Neha and Shamita haven't got much time to catch up due to heavy work schedules. But the duo managed to take out time for each other in the most strange way. The beauties spent some gala time together at the airport before they board their respective flights. Both of them took to their respective social media handles to share a glimpse of their meeting. Shamita is seen donning casual attire comprising of a beige top teamed up with a red shrug. While Neha donned a color-blocked denim jumpsuit.

Bollywood actress Shamita Shetty is currently hitting headlines for her stint in Bigg Boss OTT. The actress is often in the news for her bond with her connection, actor Raqesh Bapat. Other Bigg Boss OTT housemates believe that there is something brewing between the two and the fans also echo the same sentiment. Apart from her equation with Raqesh, Shamita is also winning hearts for her clear approach toward several things inside the house.

The actress, who knows how to articulate her thoughts well, has never shied away from talking about her personal life on the show. Shamita has often hinted at how her past relationships left her in a not-so-good place. This, however, isn’t the first time that Shamita has opened up about her personal life on a public platform.

Earlier, when Shamita had graced comedian Kapil Sharma's show, the actress had shared a little something about her past. While interacting with Kapil, Shamita had shared that she slipped into depression after her elder sister Shilpa Shetty married Raj Kundra. The reason behind the actress' depression was that she was missing her sister Shilpa after her wedding.

The Mohabbatein actress had explained that while she was happy about Shilpa and Raj’s marriage, she was used to Shilpa’s laughs around her home, and after her marriage, the family was missing the Dhadkan actress a lot. As per a report in Telly Chakkar, the actress had said, "I was happy when Raj and Shilpa got married, but I also went into depression for a month. Because, when Shilpa was at home, we all used to laugh out loud with her. We were missing her."

Full Name Shamita Surendra Shetty
Nickname Shamita
Profession Actor, Model, Interior Designer
Debut Bollywood-Mohabbatein, as Ishika Dhanrajgir, In the year 2000

Kollywood-Raajjiyam, as Geeta Karthikeyan, In the year 2002

Tollywood-Pilisthe Palukutha, like Shanti, In the year 2003

TV-Bigg Boss Season 3, as a Contestant, In the year 2009

OTT/Web series-Yo Ke Hua Bro, as Suman Rao, In the year 2017

Language Known Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali & English
Date Of Birth 2 February 1979 (Friday)
Age (as of 2021) 42 Years
Birthplace Mangalore, Karnataka, India
Hometown Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Nationality Indian
Religion Hinduism
Star Sign/ Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Hobbies Traveling, Dancing, Listening To Music, Doing Yoga
Food Habit Non-Vegetarian
Ethnicity She belongs to a Tulu family hailing from the Bunt community of Udupi
Address Aditya Apartment, 701 D-Wing, opposite Versova Telephone Exchange, S.V.P. Nagar, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400053
Height in Centimeters 168 cm
In Meters 1.68 m
In Feet & Inches 5′ 6″
Weight in Kilograms 55 kg
Weight in Pounds 121 lbs
Figure Measurement (approx.) 34-27-34
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Father Surendra Shetty
Mother Sunanda Shetty
Sister Shilpa Shetty
Brother None
Marital Status Unmarried
Affairs/Boyfriends My first boyfriend died in a car crash

Manoj Bajpayee (Rumored)

Harman Baweja (Actor)

Uday Chopra (Actor)

Aftab Shivdasani (Actor)

Raqesh Bapat (started dating in 2021)

School St. Anthony’s Girls’ High School, Mumbai
College/University Sydenham College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai

SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai

Inchbald School of Design, London

Central Saint Martins, London

Educational Qualification A bachelor’s degree in commerce

A three-year course in fashion design at SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai

Interior design and decoration courses at Inchbald School of Design and Central Saint Martins, London

Fast Food French Fries
Fruit Nectarine
Vegetable Brocolli
Dessert Dark Chocolate Pastry
Colour Green, Red, Blue, Black
Sport Cricket
Holiday Destination Goa, London, Maldives
Car Collection Not Known
Salary (approx.) INR 3.75 Lakhs/Episode
Net Worth (approx.) $1 Million-$5 Million


Twitter –@ShamitaShetty