Ridhi Dogra is an Indian successful actress and also a model


The festive season has just commenced and it appears that celebs are all set to embrace the holidays with great zeal and enthusiasm. Many prominent names have already begun sharing the greetings of the festival of light by organizing Diwali parties for close friends and families. On Wednesday, November 3, it was producer Ekta Kapoor who organized a lavish Diwali bash in the city. Television celebs Sanaya Irani, Mohit Sehgal, and Ridhi Dogra were among the few who graced the event.

Maryada fame Ridhi Dogra opted for an elegant white Anarkali suit to attend the party. Her ethnic look was completed with a purple dupatta and a statement Potli bag. Speaking of love birds Mohit and Shanaya, the couple slew in the hues of green as they graced the event. While  Shanaya Irani opted for a stunning kurta matched with palazzo, on the other hand, Sehgal looked dapper in a light green kurta and white dhoti. Meanwhile, Sakshi Tanwar opted for a black saree.

In the past two years, producer Ekta Kapoor keeps her guestlist tight owing to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Even this year, she might have invited a limited number of guests. Speaking of the Diwali bash, Ekta Kapoor's party becomes a major talk of the town as celebs from both the Bollywood and TV industries get spotted amping up their fashion game. Well, Diwali 2021 seems to be no different. 

Talking about the henpecked remark, Raqesh said, "She was just bothered about me being called henpecked. She also reacted against it. Ridhi told me that you as a person can never be henpecked and it's just that you care a lot about people who you like and that's why you are that way. She also said to me that when you feel for a person, you would never react to that person in an angry way."

On being asked about his plans on joining Bigg Boss 15, Raqesh said that he is not sure about it right now, therefore he can’t comment on it. He further added that he is still thinking about whether to be part of the show or not. 

The budding romance between Shamita Shetty and  Raqesh Bapat in the Bigg Boss house has been the highlight of the show. The ex-wife of Raqesh Bapat has been watching the show and she is aware of all the happenings in the house. She even came out in support of Raqesh Bapat when he entered the show. The actress Ridhi Dogra reacted to the tweet of Kashmera Shah as she took a jibe at the relationship between him and Shamita Shetty. Ridhi lashed out at Kashmera for commenting on his marriage with her.

Kashmera Shah has tweeted a day before, “Congratulations @RaQesh19 you are on your way to becoming a henpecked husband…again.” Seeing the post Ridhi was very offended and she tweeted in response saying, “Again!? Excuse me. Kindly don't make loose comments. Peace out”.In an interview of Etimes with Ridhi, the actress shared, “I said what I wanted to on social media and I don't want to further comment on that.”

Talking about the excellent performance of  Raqesh Bapat in the show Bigg Boss OTT, she said, “He is the kind of person that you are seeing on the show. If there are more than two people, it's a crowd for him. He doesn't like to scream and shout to say what he wants to, instead he talks to people that he is comfortable with and trusts. On the other hand, Nishant is playing really well and he is also a friend of mine. I know he wanted to be part of this show and he is doing an excellent job. He is entertaining so well and I feel that I am watching my friends' show with Nishant, Raqesh, and earlier Ridhima being a part of it.”

She also shared that they had spoken two days before he entered the Bigg Boss house. She said that she was surprised when he first told her about doing the show. She said that he is not the kind of person that is usually in the show. But the audience got to see a different kind of person on this show and apparently, they are enjoying watching him. She concluded by saying, “I am happy if Raqesh is happy. It's his personal space.”

The nation is in a celebratory mood as the 10-day festival of Ganesh Chaturthi has started. Celebrities are seen celebrating the festival with zeal. Everyone is bringing the Lord Ganesha’s deity to their home and seeking blessing. The festival is mostly celebrated in Maharashtra with fun and fervor. Ekta Kapoor also celebrated the festival with her friends and shared a lot of pictures on her Instagram stories. From Anita Hassanandani, Barun Sobti, to Sanaya Irani, and others were seen joining the ace producer in the celebration.

Ekta has also shared a post on her handle featuring her son and wrote the caption, “GANPATI BHAPPA MAURYA!!! To new beginnings n THE GOD OF PROSPERITY …. Bless us all AUM GANPATAY NAMHA.” The pictures feature  Anita Hassanandani, her husband Rohit Reddy, Krystle D'Souza, Sanaya Irani, Mohit Sehgal, Barun Sobti, and writer-friend Mushtaq Sheikh, and Ridhi Dogra among others from her production company. All looked happy and were all smiles in their traditional best. Ridhi was seen in an earthy-tone suit, Krystle was wearing a blue kurta while Ekta sported a sparkly beige suit.

Ridhi Dogra, who has been one of the well-known actresses in the telly world, has been creating a lot of buzz for her upcoming web show The Married Woman. Helmed by Sahir Raza, the show comes with progressive and path-breaking content revolving around two women who end up falling in love and their choices in life. Interestingly, it is the first time that this topic has been shown from a woman’s perspective and it is, undoubtedly, grabbing a lot of attention.

Recently, Ridhi, who plays the role of Astha, opposite Monica Dogra opened up about The Married Woman and stated that it is a story of love and acceptance irrespective of their individuality. For the uninitiated, Ridhi plays the role of a married woman who isn’t really happy with her married life and is thinking of her choices and seeking happiness for herself. Talking about the same, the actress stated, “The Married Woman as a show is like a soft breeze. It's gentle and sensitive in handling Astha's emotions and also the various societal stereotypes and taboos. And I wish it's reflective of love and acceptance of the LGBT community because it is a story about love and acceptance of individuals over conditioning.”

Furthermore, the actress also opened on her preparation for the role and revealed that she did a lot of homework. “My character Astha is a working woman and a homemaker who takes care of the children as well as her work as a college professor. My homework was with my director Sahir and writer Jaya. We read the scenes again and again till I understood Astha and her world. Once on set, I portrayed her keeping in mind the many women I had and still see all around me. I'm from Delhi and I was a child of the '90s. I did trace back my memory to those times and years and tried to keep my performance authentic,” Ridhi was quoted saying.

Ridhi Dogra was recently part of Asur, a psychological thriller, which has been loved and how by everyone. The show also stars Barun Sobti, Arshad Warsi among others, and is being touted as one of the best Indian web shows made. Well, Ridhi has always been the one to pick up versatile projects and in a candid chat, she explains why it is important for her to feel connected to the character, her process as an actor, working with Barun, and being proud of her choice, come what may! Over to her:

My first shot was with Arshad Warsi and Sharib Hashmi and I was standing in between both of them. I know they have impeccable comic timings and here we were doing an intense scene and I am an outsider. They don’t me, they don’t know the body of work I have like I know their work. So I was like how do I break the ice. For me, the hard part was to wrap my head around that. I understand mediums, I keep doing workshops, so it is not like I am out of practice but you feel like 'I hope I am okay, I hope I am not twitching my eyes too much because on TV we have to grab people’s attention so that inherently happens a lot. 

I ask a lot of questions. Even this show, I did it. A lot of times when you are a part of the ensemble cast, you don’t know about each character that well. So, I used to ask my director a lot of questions. That’s my only method. I used to do it on TV also. The results are different in different mediums but I apply this. For me, it is important to know my lines, know my set, and my character so well that I can take it anywhere. I just re-read the script and go crazy behind asking questions to the director. 

Yes. I am really proud. I remember there was a time when I was very new to the industry. I remember I knew a creative from my first show and she called me for an audition and there was a pallu on my head I asked them why am I wearing a pallu. She told me that is the character and I walked out. That show was Sasural Simar Ka which went on for many years. Though that was a big show, in hindsight I never felt bad about not taking up that show. So, I am proud of my choices. I am very happy with the way things have panned out for me. I have always believed that I am here to stay. I am an actor forever. 

I strongly believe that if I am not working then there is no point in an interview. I have been advised to get a PR but we just want our work to speak. I think it is security as a person rather than as an actor. I think when you know that this is a part of your life, not your entire life, it is that feeling I think. I mean most of my friends, we are sort of similar. 

Most people in this profession want to make good content. Nobody wants to make content that they won’t see. But, it is the audience. There is a shift in the audience. There are a few good shows which come and go, why? It all boils down to who is watching TV? It is a very spoon-feeding kind of a medium. So, accordingly, it is written. For TV, to become better, I think we need to knock the audience’s head. I want to do good work, that lets me stand between stalwart actors and people say 'she can perform'.

In February last year, Ridhi Dogra along with their husband Raqesh Bapat announced their separation after being married for 7 long years. The duo did not reveal the reason behind it but in a joint statement made it clear that the two have mulled over this and would like people to respect their space. They continue to share a cordial relationship and are seen leaving comments on each other's profiles despite the separation. In an exclusive chat with Pinkvilla, we told them that by being cordial, the couple is definitely setting the right example and inquired how are things at their end. 

Where do you derive this strength to be this mature? "I think it is very simple," Ridhi started and added, "I think everyone has their differences. But you know life is very long and when you get a perspective, which we all have, we miss it when we go about our daily lives. This day, this moment is a speck in this very very big life. When you get that perspective, you are able to let go and move on and cherish the goodness."

Ridhi Dogra is one of the most popular and stunning actresses in the television industry. She has been a part of interesting shows like Laagi Tujhse Lagan, Maryada: Lekin Kab Tak, and Woh Apna Sa to name a few. Now, the actress is all set to make her debut in the digital world with a web series. In an interview with Hindustan Times, she was asked if she would like to do films. Ridhi said that she thinks about films and would give auditions, but she doesn't know anyone from the film industry, except for the casting directors.

But the actress stated that she has problems with how the women in films have to look hot. Ridhi said, "I have never chased the idea of being the best heroine in a project. I have issues with the idea that women have to be hot to be in films. It might sound like sour grapes but it is the way it is. In the past few years, there have been many content-driven films, so maybe I will get lucky and get a good role. I want a role where I can act and even if it’s one scene that adds value to the story, I will be happy. I don’t want to be jutting out of my clothes or pouting."

Akshay Dogra and Ridhi Dogra are an awesome brother-sister duo and never spare an opportunity to set major sibling goals. Both the siblings have made their mark in the field of Television and now doing very well for themselves. What better than Bhai Dooj to talk about the two, in this auspicious festival of Bhai Dhooj, brothers bestow their sisters with gifts and promises and lots of smiles, and Akshay being the brother he is, has special plans for his darling sister Ridhi Dogra.

An online portal got in touch with Akshay Dogra, and he revealed his plans for Bhai Dooj and said, “Bhai Dooj is a festival which talks about a brother-sister bond and when it comes to us, my sister is a best friend to me. We are those siblings who fight, laugh, cry, and have fun just all together.  So this year, I am going to gift Ridhi something very different than what I have done in the previous years. I will be gifting her diamond earrings. Because, Ridhi loves dressing up, I feel this will be a perfect gift for her and it would make her really happy.”

Earlier in an exclusive interview with Ridhi Dogra, we spoke to her about the Gender pay gap in Television despite it being a women-oriented medium, Ridhi said, "In spite of Television revolving around women, it's the male actors that get paid way more than the female actors?

Basically, they do this kind of a see-saw, where if the male actor is getting paid a lot, then the female actor is getting equally little pay and it's really unfair. Mostly they pay the male actors more because they work less and I am not generalizing it. These are very specific stories that I know, I am married to a male actor, I know this really well and nobody can tell me that I am wrong because I know what happens.

And I don't know how that will change or you just have to go with the time or what. They play smart, I know of a lot of shows where the main lead gets a new girl and they get a really popular male actor and they pay him so much money and the poor girl is getting nothing, and they will not get any of us established actors because we will also ask for that kind of money so instead they just go and get a new girl."

Ridhi Dogra is an Indian successful actress and also a model, who is also known for her play as Priya in Maryada: Lekin Kab Tak?, In the year 2010. and joining in Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 6. Dogra is also known for her gorgeous, bold, and attractive looks. Ridhi is very active on social media and always sharing her bold, charming, travel, life events images, and videos on her Instagram account, where she has a huge fan following of 1.2 million.

Ridhi Dogra was born and brought up in New Delhi the state of India. Ridhi did her schooling at Apeejay School (Apeejay School – Panchsheel Park), Sheikh Sarai, New Delhi. After finishing her schooling at Apeejay School, Sheikh Sarai, New Delhi, she joined the Kamala Nehru College, Delhi, India, where she completed her Graduation in Psychology.

Rodhi Dogra has a Stunning figure and she is 163 cm tall which is 5 feet 4 inches. She has a keen interest to maintain her body fitness her weight is 55 kg. Rodhi Dogra is very health conscious she always takes care of her looks and appearance. She visits the gym regularly and her figure measurement is 33-28-34 she has attractive Black hair and Dark Brown eyes.

Ridhi Dogra was born on 22nd September 1984 (Saturday), in New Delhi, India, into a middle-class Hindu family. As of 2021, Ridhi is 37 years old and Ridhi’s zodiac sign is Virgo. Ridhi’s father’s name is Ashok Dogra (Businessman) and Ridhi’s mother’s name is Renu Dogra (Homemaker), Dogra also has an elder brother named Akshay Dogra, who is an Indian actor, and producer. Dogra’s uncle was senior Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) politician Arun Jaitley (who died on 24th August 2019).

Talking about Ridhi’s love life, her affair with Raqesh Vashisth, who is an Indian actor and model. The relationship both lasted for a long time and on 29th May 2011 (Sunday), both of them got married, but after some time, some problems started coming between the two and both got divorced.

Before Ridhi entered the television industry, Ridhi was a dancer at the Shiamak Davar Dance Institute, Kanpur. Dogra’s 1st job in the industry was as a co-producer on Zoom. The actress has also hosted the independence special program Azaadi for Life OK in the year 2012. In the year 2013, the actress joined Nach Baliye Season 6. Ridhi also performed Savitri in Savitri, Aditi in Diya Aur Baati Hum, and Nisha in Woh Apna Sa, in the year 2017.

The Married Woman, her latest web series directed by Sahir Raza and produced by Samar Khan, the actress garnered critical acclaim and praise from her fans and audience alike. The web series also starred Monica Dogra as the lead character.

Real Name Ridhi Dogra
Nickname Ridhi
Profession Actress, Model
Debut TV-Jhoome Jiiya Re, In the year 2007

Web-Series-Asur: Welcome to your Dark Side, In the year 2020

Language Known Hindi & English
Date Of Birth 22nd September 1984 (Saturday)
Age (as of 2021) 37 Years
Hobbies Traveling, Dancing, Reding, Listening to Music, Watching Movies
Birthplace New Delhi, India
Hometown New Delhi, India
Nationality Indian
Religion Hinduism
Star Sign/ Zodiac Sign Virgo
Height in Centimeters 163 cm
In Meters 1.63 m
In Feet & Inches 5′ 4″
Weight in Kilograms 55 kg
Weight in Pounds 121 lbs
Figure Measurement (approx.) 33-28-34
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Black
Father Ashok Dogra
Mother Renu Dogra
Sister N/A
Brother Akshay Dogra (Actor, Producer)
Marital Status Divorced
Affairs/Boyfriends Raqesh Vashisth (Actor, Model)
Husband Raqesh Vashisth (Actor, Model)
Marriage Date 29th May 2011 (Sunday)
Children None
School Apeejay School, Sheikh Sarai in New Delhi, India
College/University Kamala Nehru College, Delhi, India
Educational Qualification Graduation in Psychology
Actor Shah Rukh Khan
Actress Kajol
Food Besan Ke Laddoo, Mango Pickle, and Home Cooked Food
Food Habit Vegetarian
Film Not Known
Color Yellow, Red, Black
Sport Football, Swimming
Holiday Destination Goa, London, Maldives
Car Collection Not Known
Salary (approx.) Not Known
Net Worth (approx.) Not Known

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