Maninder Buttar Wiki, Age, Height, Family, Songs, Biography & More

Maninder Buttar (Maninderjeet Singh Buttar) is an Indian Singer, Music Composer & Model.

Maninder Buttar Wiki, Age, Height, Family, Songs, Biography & More

It’s been a while since Punjabi singer Maninder Buttar has been teasing the fans for his new single Laare starring Sargun Mehta in the lead. The singer has been extensively promoting the song which also marks his first collaboration with Sargun and their pairing has been bagging a lot of attention. And after creating a lot of buzzes, Maninder has finally released the song Laare today wherein he was seen romancing the Jhalle actress and the chemistry is winning the hearts of the audience.

Penned by renowned singer Jaani, the song features Sargun as a miffed lover who is upset with her beau Maninder. The diva seems to be heartbroken by the fact that her man might ditch her. While Jaani’s lyrics and B Praak’s music have been touching the right chords of the heart, Sargun and Maninder’s pairing comes as a breath of fresh air for the audience. Besides, the Lahoriye actress’ new look has also been bagging a lot of attention in the song. For the first time, Sargun was seen sporting a gypsy look.

In the song, she was seen wearing a multi-colored choli paired with a red lehenga and royal blue-colored dupatta. She was also seen wearing Bohemian jewelry which included a necklace, earrings, mangaka, Kamar band, bangles, and a ring. Besides, her traditional gypsy tattoo on the chin is also making the heads turn.

Maninder asserts, 'Everything is about numbers. If I want to know people's responses to the song, it will be depicted by numbers. However, it also boils down to personal satisfaction, if I've penned down a good song, and sung it with conviction.' 

He also shared that he does not follow a pattern, routine, or set formula while writing a song. For him, it is a creative process. He believes in jotting down all the thoughts he has for his new song and takes inspiration from the happenings around him. However, when he has written the lyrics, he ensures to polish them later. 

The young star also expressed his happiness about Punjabi music getting popular locally and being remixed by Bollywood. However, he did admit that while he likes some of the remixed songs, others do not suit him. 'My first condition to give my songs for Bollywood is that nothing will be changed at all. From the music to the lyrics, the song should remain the same.' However, he revealed that he had recently given one of his songs to Bollywood, wherein the makers had assured him that they will only can the music slightly, to which he agreed. 

Often music enthusiasts and listeners complain that musicians these days are lacking originality, and just creating remix songs. Sharing his opinion on this, Maninder said, 'The current generation might know old songs, so it is all fine. For example, many might have not Aankh Mary previously. Even I was not aware of the original Aankh Maarey, but got familiar with it after the latest version.' While some remixes turn out to be better, some just help you understand the worth of the original song. It is all part and parcel of the industry. 

Lastly, when asked about his dream collaboration with an actor, Maninder expressed his wish to sing for Bollywood's Khiladi, Akshay Kumar. He said, 'Mein Akshay paaji ke saath karna chahunga. (I would like to work with and sing for Akshay Kumar). Whenever I get a chance to join hands with him, I'm going to be left extremely happy as it would be a dream come true.' 

Sargun Mehta, who has been basking in the success of her recent release Jhalle opposite Binnu Dhillon, is back in the headlines. The lady will soon be collaborating with renowned Punjabi singer Maninder Buttar for his next single Laare. The big announcement was made by Maninder on social media. Interestingly, the singer had been teasing the fans about the lead actress of his song for a while now. In fact, there were speculations about who will be played Maninder’s romantic interest in the song.

Putting all the speculations to rest, Maninder shared a beautiful poster of the song featuring him and Sargun. While the Sakhiyaan singer looked dapper in his rust-colored blazer and white turtle neck t-shirt, Sargun was seen in a never seen look. Wearing a black lehenga choli, Bohemian jewelry paired with a messy hairdo, the diva looked like an Indian gypsy in the first look poster. Maninder captioned the image as, “#Laare is for those jo saari zindagi ik insaan toh umeed rakhde eh pr milde bss laare aa... I am overwhelmed to share the screen space with one of the most talented artists in our industry ’Sargun Mehta’ (Thank you Sargun for making this song even more beautiful with your presence) Jaani break Arvinder Whitehill music Saari team da thnk u.”

In the Punjabi entertainment world, we have seen a number of singers turn into actors. And this trend is so popular that now it has become a stereotype that every Punjabi singer will turn to act sooner or later. However, there’s one Punjabi singer who doesn’t feel this way. Though he agrees that the industry has this stereotype, he seems to have no intention of acting. He is none other than the ‘Sakhiyaan’ famous singer Maninder Buttar.

Talking about the stereotype, the songster said, “I feel only movies of those stars work better, about whom gossips are circulated. And sadly, in the Punjabi industry, people gossip more about Punjabi singers; thus, their movies get more attention.” “However, I personally feel that theatre artists should get more movies, and should be more visible on the big screen,” he added. Then Maninder gave his own point of view on trying his hand at acting. “My interest in movies so far is zero. I don't want to do movies. If I can do songs and albums according to my standards, then I will be happy. I feel happy when my songs reach pan India,” said the songster.

“Post ‘Laare’ I rejected around 10-11 movies. I don’t think besides me there would have been any artist in Punjab who would have said no to movie. People will come to you running barefoot for a movie,” Maninder added. The songster then again said that his dreams lie in music only. He wishes to create good songs and albums, and that is something that will give him contentment. However, when we asked him that maybe some other day if we would change his mind, the singer chuckled.“Might do for money,” he said with a giggle in his voice.“Nowadays producers ask the artist how much do you wish to get paid. Still, at least for 2 more years, I would not do the movie. Will concentrate on my music, my dream,” concluded Maninder Buttar.

Punjabi singer Maninder Buttar's song, Sakhiyaan, garnered more than 320 million views online. The singer says that though he has released many singles in the past, he wanted to create something that has a universal appeal. “Most musicians in  Punjab create formula-based songs that work well within the community. But I was waiting to create something that has a pan-India appeal. Sakhiyaan was that song. My song is my claim to fame. The world knows me now and I have done some amazing live shows after Sakhiyaan’s release because it garnered so much fame for me. I had done many songs in Punjab which did well, but Sakhiyaan turned things around for me,” says Maninder, whose new Single, Jamila, has earned over 20 million views in a month of release.

Talking about the song, the young composer-singer says, “Jamila is the Arabic word for a beautiful girl. I had this word in mind for a long time. We have composed it using Arabic tunes. We shot the music video in Dubai.”

Talking about his favorite genres, the singer says, “I love R&B. I like Weeknd’s works. Among Indians, I like Mickey Singh's songs. He adds that as an artist, he wants to create amazing songs that people love and remember forever. A fan of  Amrinder Gill, Maninder says he doesn’t want to follow the trend of getting into acting soon after releasing a successful song. “I got four acting offers by Punjabi filmmakers, but I didn’t take them up, because I just want to focus on my music. I’m not the kinds who would take on three-four films soon after delivering one hit song. People who have learned acting and have been doing theatre deserve to do films. Acting is not on my mind yet.”

There’s a form of music originating from Pakistan called “Tappy” and my music has influences from this particular form. In the old days in Punjab, Pakistan, during weddings, the tradition would be that the girls and the boys from each side would sing “Tappay’s” for one another, complement one another and even taunt one another. The tradition was the same in Punjab, India; however, it doesn’t happen as much here anymore. Growing up, I used to listen to Pakistani music a lot as well.  And so, this song (Pani Di Gal) is like that and that’s what influenced my writing style.

I used to listen to a lot of Pakistani music when I was younger. And people often say, some things just stay with you. This is why, even in the other songs I’ve created, if you listen carefully you can see the influences Pakistani music has on my music in terms of music compositions and even lyrics.

With this album, we’ve shot the b-roll for the music videos in so many places like Manali, Leh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, etc. I’ve tried to show nature in almost all the b-roll footage. I have always loved being a part of nature and so, I figured that’s what I would show the audience through my videos.

Jass Manak and Maninder Buttar are two popular celebs when it comes to Punjabi music. The two singers gained huge popularity in 2019 with their songs. However, there was a rumor that Jass' Lehenga song was actually written by Maninder. Maninder claimed the same openly in an interview. Read further to know what went down between the two. 

Jass Manak rose to fame soon after his single Prada. His Lehenga song garnered him a huge fan following. The song was played in big fat Indian weddings and was dominating DJ playlists worldwide. However, singer Maninder Buttar known, for his song Sakhiyaan, claimed that the song was stolen from him. In an interview with RJ Jassi at 93.4 My FM, Maninder mentioned that he had given the song to a close friend. However, he was deceived and the song was recorded by Jass. He also shared that this was the same person who stole Sidhu Moosewala's songs. According to Daily Entertainment Xpress, Sidhu also went on to call Jass Manak and Geet MP3 thieves. However, Jass did not have anything to say about the same and never mentioned it openly.

While Maninder wants to focus on creating music and releasing at least five songs a year, his hit number Sakhiyaan has already been borrowed for a  Bollywood film. “A big production house has taken my song, but I cannot reveal the name of the film yet. I only gave the song on the condition that it won’t be changed at all and they agreed. Apart from my original version, I’ll also compose a female version for the film. The film is slated to release by end of the year,” says the singer.

Talking about his inspiration, Maninder Buttar said, “My biggest inspiration is Yo Yo Honey Singh. I am eagerly looking forward to working with him. There is nothing on paper yet, but hopefully a collaboration would be out soon”.

The singer also threw light on his new album, Jugni. Buttar said that the album had “different flavors”. He further added, “It has romantic tracks, it has some upbeat tracks, some sad tracks. So, I would just wait for the album to reach the audience and wait for their response. A lot of singers this year are releasing their own albums and I wish the very best to them. At the same time, I also hope that the audience welcomes my album and songs with a lot of love and warmth because this album is really close to my heart”.

Maninder Buttar's songs have often been featured on his Instagram handles. His Jugni album was not an exception to this. Further, one of his Instagram posts also advocated support for other albums.

While he shared a poster of his album, he captioned the post, “Album album album everywhere. I See Many Albums Coming This Year In Our Industry Really A Good News For Music Listeners I Wish Them All Best Of Luck. Sierra Karaado Aun Deo Bump Bump Gaane. Har Ik Artist Di Dream Hundi Aa Album Karni Baba Ji Saareyan Di Dreams Pooriyan Karan .

Maninder Buttar was born on 01-08-1995 in Nathowal, Ludhiana in the state of Punjab, India. He is an Indian Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Composer, and Music Producer who is known for his work in Punjabi cinema. He is associated with Rhythm Boyz, Speed, and White Hill.

Maninder Buttar is a well-established singer, writer, and composer in the Punjabi music industry. He completed his education in Ludhiana, Punjab. He started writing and singing from a very young age. He used to write songs and sing in front of his friends. His friends always appreciated his singing and writings and encouraged him to become a professional singer and songwriter. Maninder started writing the songs for many Punjabi Singers. The starting days of his struggle were most difficult. He had to go to several music companies for the release of his first solo track.
In 2012, he made his debut as a singer in the Punjabi Music industry. His debut song was ''Naaran Te Sarkaaran'' under the label of Speed Records. The lyrics of this song wrote by Rashmeet and the music was given by Nick Dhammu. His next solo track was ''Yaari'' in 2014. This song was written by famous Singer and writer Sharry Maan and music by Sukh-E. This song brings him to the limelight and people started appreciating his singing. Then, he sang the song ''Dil Nu'' in the movie ''O my Pyo''. In 2016, His song ''Viah'' was released. It was a romantic song expressing the feelings of a girl. This song was a big hit and gain many views and likes on youtube. 
It was a turning point in his career and he never looked back after it. In 2018 his four songs were released consecutively. These were Sakhiyan, Ik-Ik Pal, Who Cares, and Kali Hummer. In 2019 he sang Naho Lona in the movie ''Layie Je Yaarian''. His duet song ''Rabb Tera Bhala Kare'' with Neha Kakkar was highly loved by the listeners. In 2021 he released his first music album ''Jugni'' comprising of 9 songs. This album includes all the problems and difficulties faced by him in his career.

The feeling can’t be expressed in words. An album is always special for an artist as it is a journey for an artist. My Jugni album was planned last year, but due to some unwanted circumstances and personal reasons, it was postponed. Now that it is life, the feeling is beautiful. Also, the album is dedicated to my dog, because she has always been a journey for me, so the name of the album is kept on her name – Jugni.

There is nothing funny, just a dialogue of hers ‘Tu in kyu Boleya’ from the video has a cute memory. Other than that, we sat during the shoot where she tried singing with me when we were making reels, and other than this we had a dhol Wala on the set where we were tunning onto different songs.

The cute Punjabi Munda never wanted to study and knew that his passion is singing. His mother is a teacher, and he first realized his talent when he was only 6 years old, at his mother’s school. On Republic day he sang ‘Nanha Munna Rahi hu’ by requesting his mother to let him sing, that was the beginning of his passion. Although a lot of kids’ goals change, he continued to fuel his passion. After completing class Xth he decided to move abroad to pursue singing once he earns a living in Canada/Australia, but sadly his visa wasn’t approved and he never continued with his studies again.

Sharry Maan has been the greatest support system for Maninder. From writing the song “Yaari” to helping him learn the basics of the industry, it was Sharry’s constant support and mentoring that helped Maninder grow as an artist. After the release of Maninder’s first song by the same producer that produced Yaar Anmulle, Sharry Maan contacted Maninder to acknowledge his work. It was then that they became close friends.

Maninder spends most of his free time scrolling through his phone using different apps. His most-used apps are Amazon and Youtube. He is popular on social media but he never shares his family’s pictures online since he believes that it’ll backfire if fans get upset with him at any point in time. He is afraid that people might speak ill of his family if they ever get angry at him. His favorite Bollywood movie is Namastey London.

Although he was offered good money for doing music, he did not opt for the songs because he wasn’t satisfied with the new work he was being offered. He is not driven by money, but by artistic satisfaction. He was even offered acting projects but right now he wants to focus on singing only. He believes actors should get the opportunity to work before singers are offered to act. Not every singer should get into acting since he doesn’t believe it defines who a singer is.

Punjabi singer Maninder Buttar has been releasing a number of music videos from his first album, Jugni; his latest release is his video for the song, Birthday, which was released on April 15, 2021. Maninder Buttar's latest video has already gained over 3 million views. His music video for the song, Pani Di Gal featuring Jasmin Bhasin has received a lot of recognition, gaining over 47 million views. The video was released on April 1, 2021. In an exclusive telephonic interview with RepublicWorld, Maninder Buttar gave some insights on his experience filming with Jasmin Bhasin for the song and his musical journey. Maninder Buttar's songs include Sakhiyaan, Ik Tera, Laare, Love Me Someday, Teri Meri Lady, and more. 

Maninder Buttar (Maninderjeet Singh Buttar) is an Indian Singer, Music Composer & Model. He has mainly performed in the Punjabi music Industry. In the year 2012, Maninder made his debut with the song Naaran Te Sarkaran, which garnered more than 130k viewers on YouTube. He is best known for the songs “Ik Tera”, “Sakhiyaan”, and “Laare”.

Maninder Buttar has a healthy physique and he is 5 feet 7  inches (170 cm) tall. Describing more about body fitness his weight is around 65 Kg (143  lbs). Maninder Buttar always keeps himself fit and he is very health Conscious. His chest measurement is 38 Inches, Waist is approx. 30 Inches & biceps measurement is 12 Inches. He has a nice hairstyle and got Black hair and Black Eyes.

Maninder’s song Sakhiyaan has gathered a total of over 478 million views on YouTube. In the year 2015, his song Yaari was nominated for “Most Famous Song” in PTC Punjabi Music Awards. In the year 2018, shortly after the releasing the song Sakhiyaan (21st Oct 2018), Sakhiyaan became the number 1 song on the Punjabi Most well-known charts compiled by Gaana and remained there through November 2018, and at number 2 in December. Buttar sang the song “Dil Nu” for the Punjabi rom-com Oh My Pyo, In the year 2014.

The astounding singer has also been noted for his cooperation with several distinct Indian artists, including the likes of Raftaar in the song Gall Goriye, and Ammy Virk. Spotify added Maninder to the list of the most well-known singers in Punjab, along with Karan Aujla and Sidhu Moose Wala, In the year 2019. In July 2020, Maninder announced his debut studio album #Jugni, and the 1st track “Teri Meri Lady” from the album was released in August 2020. He sings a song named ‘Pani Di Gal’ with Jasmin Bhasin released on 1st April 2021, In the year 2021. In the same year, he sings a song named ‘Love Me Someday’ released on 9th April 2021.

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Maninder started his career as a child singer in the Punjabi music world and now became a famous singer in Pollywood movies. He got viral on the internet with his debut song ‘Kitte Kalli’. The song also becomes a big hit on popular Punjabi music TV channels. Maninder Buttar is one of the popular emerging singers in the Punjabi music industry. From childhood, he started loving singing, and now it’s become a profession for him. His popularity is increasing day by day.

Real Name Maninderjeet Singh Buttar
Nickname Maninder Buttar, Maninder
Profession Singer, Music Composer, Model
Debut Singing-Naaran Te Sarkaran, In the year 2012

Film-Dil Nu, In the year 2012

Language Known Hindi, Punjabi & English
Date Of Birth 1 August 1995
Age (as of 2021) 26 Years
Birthplace Kalanwali City, Sirsa, Haryana, India
Hometown Kalanwali City, Sirsa, Haryana, India
Nationality Indian
Religion Sikhism
Star Sign/ Zodiac Sign Leo
Height in Centimeters 170 cm
Height in Meters 1.70 m
Height in Feet & Inches 5′ 7″
Weight in Kilograms 65 kg
Weight in Pounds 143 lbs
Body Measurement (approx.) Chest-38



Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Father Not Known
Mother Not Known
Sister Not Known
Brother Not Known
Marital Status Unmarried
Affairs/Girlfriends Not Known
Educational Qualification Graduate
School Not Known
College/University Not Known
Actor Diljit Dosanjh
Actress Alia Bhatt
Food Pasta
Food Habit Non-Vegetarian
Film Not Known
Hobbies Dancing, Traveling
Color White, Grey
Sport Cricket
Holiday Destination Goa, London, Dubai
Car Collection Not Known
Salary (approx.) Not Known
Net Worth (approx.) Not Known


 YouTube-@Maninder Buttar

Twitter –@manindarbuttar

Facebook-@Maninder Buttar