Daljit Kaur is an Indian TV actress.


Television actress Daljieet Kaur is a very popular name in the television industry. She is known for doing versatile roles in a career span of two decades. The single mother, Daljeet Kaur is currently enjoying her fit lifestyle. Daljeet had recently made news during her exceptional transformation while dealing with her separation. Spotted recently at a shoot, Daljieet looked her fittest best. 

She had recently shared a picture of herself wearing a body-hugging shimmery gown with a plunging neckline, which went viral on social media. While some acknowledged the fact that she has worked hard to get into this shape, a few others questioned her for trying to prove a point. 

Talking about the reactions, Daljieet spoke to Pinkvilla, “I vividly remember when I had lost weight after my separation, people had credited my transformation to the break-up, they'd said I wanted to prove a point. Back then I was a new mother, I had lost all the pregnancy weight while putting my life back together. I find it rather amusing when people assume we are constantly doing things to please people, or for someone else, to make a point. I've reached a point in my life where I don't find it necessary to explain my actions to people.”

She further added, “The fact that I work really hard, try to eat clean on most days is tough while trying to sustain myself as an actor during the pandemic. I am constantly working on myself, physically & emotionally. I want to be a fit mother for Jaydon. A growing mind is curious & wants to explore things & places. I want to be fit & healthy to be able to do all of these things with him. I want to be healthy because if the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that money cannot buy health. We have to introspect & make lifestyle changes. The reasons could be many but definitely not to please people.”

Bigg Boss 11 proved to be one of the most entertaining and controversial seasons of all time. Actress Shilpa Shinde emerged as the winner while Hina Khan and Vikas Gupta were the first and second runner-ups. To spice up and more drama in the viewers' life, Colors TV is soon returning with Bigg Boss 12. Yet again, this season too will be hosted by superstar Salman Khan. The actor has promised that season 12 of Bigg Boss will have more drama, twists, and controversies.

Bigg Boss 12 will be different from all the seasons so far. The concept of celebrities and commoners will stay as it is, however, this time the contestants will enter the house as a pair. Reportedly, TV actor Shaleen Bhanot is one of the celebrity contestants entering the show now. Sources say that Shaleen will be paired in the BB house with his ex-wife Daljeet Kaur while entering the house. But both do not have a pleasant past as Shaleen Bhanot and Daljeet Kaur got divorced a few years ago. Daljeet had accused Shaleen of domestic violence and had also given interviews accusing him of physical abuse. 

In an interview with Bombay Times long ago, Daljeet opened up about her troubled marriage with Shaleen. She shared how her mother-in-law stopped talking to her as she was not happy with the wedding gifts. The actress had stated that Shaleen was never there for her and their son Shaarav and would go missing every night. His behavior suspected her that he was involved with other women.

Daljeet Kaur had also shared that Shaleen had once pushed her in presence of her father. Her thigh was bruised for almost a month and after that, he even twisted her arm in his parents' presence. That's when she decided that it was enough and the marriage had to end. She had even given her husband another chance after all that, however one day, her friend saw Shaleen kissing a girl under their building. When Daljeet confronted him, he grabbed her by the throat, pinned her against the wall, and tried to strangle her. Their house help was present when the incident took place and had also requested Shaleen to stop. He instantly left the house and never returned. After this incident, Daljeet filed an FIR against Shaleen.

Television actress Daljeet Kaur has just been announced as the lead actress of a new TV show by BIG Magic, titled Maa Durga. The show will be a Navratri 2017 special and will air only for a month, starting September 21. We spoke exclusively to Daljeet Kaur on her thoughts on playing Maa Durga and the challenge of shooting a mythological, as also her career going forward. 

Recently, in an interview with a leading daily, Daljeet spoke about her life, family, and work. Daljeet said, "Right now I am in a happy space and scared to even say this. If someone genuinely walks into my life with respect in his eyes. Looking for a girl like me. For the way I am in my real life and not for my onscreen image, I am open to that. Also right now I am figuring out my life, and finances. My window is open for my career and my family, but I have not shut the door on love. It's been quite some time since I have been alone and I am not growing younger either. Eventually, everything will happen at the right time"

The actress further added, "There are chances that I will meet someone who is a divorcee anyway. I don't think I will end up with a guy who is single. By choice, I think I want a divorcee because the way somebody has suffered the way I have we will be conscious of the relationship. I would want somebody who has already been through so that when he comes to me he should also judge me and know whether he really likes me. Second time lucky is not going to be easy for me."

It seems hell's broken loose not only in the paradise of Bollywood couples but also in the lovebirds of Telly Town. One estranged couple whose love marriage has culminated in an ugly relationship is Dalljiet Kaur and Shaleen Bhanot. The two have been staying apart for almost a year now. 

 According to press reports, Dalljeit had initially accused her husband of physical abuse and demanded dowry. But Shaleen has a different story to tell and rubbishes all the accusations. He told an entertainment portal, "I didn't want to blame Dalljiet because that would spoil my son's life. But now, I have to, or else he will grow up grudging and hating me. He is two now and I don't know if he talks yet. Does he say 'Papa'? I met him six months ago in court. I couldn't even meet him on his birthday. I want to meet him every day, but I fear that I will be charged for another offense if I try to reach him." 

He continues to say how he has made videos for his little boy, "I hope to show the videos I have made for him, someday. Dalljiet said that I wasn't there for our son. On the contrary, he took his first steps with me and I have a video of it. I remember holding my wife's hand through her C-section, I was with her throughout. It is painful to be accused of not being there for them."

Shaleen, who is playing Duryodhan in Suryaputra Karn on SONY Entertainment Television, further revealed, "She is a retired army officer's daughter. So, why would I marry someone who wasn't financially very strong if I wanted dowry?" He also claims that he never asked for a single penny as dowry during their wedding. He has also gone to the extent of saying that he has never cheated on her and there has been no physical abuse. Shaleen questions her decision to not file for a divorce. He says, "It has been widely reported that the divorce proceedings are happening. Let me tell you that she has not filed for divorce to date." The actor says that he is still wondering what wrong has his family done to her. "She is still staying in my father's flat without permission. I left because I am scared for myself," he stated. Things should be concluded before they turn from wrong to nasty! What say?

Expounding her equation with Barun, Daljeet says, “The relationship was real from the first time I met him. His brotherly emotion was there from the very first day but with time our bond became stronger and he is someone I can call in the middle of the night when in trouble and he will be there taking care of me and my baby anytime”.  Throwing light on the special thing about her bond with Barun, Daljeet says, “The special and best the best thing is the fact that we never have to speak about the emotion we have towards each other in words. He has stood responsibly like a brother and his strength to support me is in his aura, when he stands next to me while I am hurt is more than enough and I feel protected. I have known him for over five years now and worked with him in ‘Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon. It’s just the start of our wonderful bond”.

 She elaborates, “I have not yet tied rakhi to him. The only person I tie rakhi to is my childhood friend Pradeep. I tied him first rakhi after almost ten years. Barun holds a special place in my heart and so does Akshay Dogra. They both have been a darling to me since my ‘Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon’ days. I will tie both of them rakhi very soon". 

Describing Barun Sobti, she says, “For me describing Barun is very easy because he is the most humble, simple, grounded, responsible, witty and hardworking person, and a true gentleman. He is someone who teaches simplicity in every action. He will not speak a lot but when the time comes he will silently stand by me holding my hand through the worst storm. I have never in person told him this, but on this rakhi, I would like to tell him that I love him a lot. I am very fortunate to have him in my life. And also want to thank him for everything he has done for me unconditionally. She also adds, “My rakhi wish for him is that by next year same time he should be a huge Bollywood star and I want to see him flourish."

The life of television actress Daljeet Kaur of ‘Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?' is a goosebump-inducing sad saga wherein she had to go through a nightmarish experience. Daljeet, like any other girl, had thought of a happy conjugal life after tying the knot with her ‘Nach Baliye’ partner Shaleen Bhanot, but destiny had something else on offer for her. A middle-class girl Daljeet married a rich boy Shaleen hoping to find acceptance in his family. However, she was received by greed-struck in-laws who started showing their displeasure for not being pampered with precious gifts from day 1 after Daljeet’s entry into her husband’s household. “Status-wise, we are very different and they always knew about it. My father has three daughters and couldn't afford the kind of wedding they expected," she told a leading daily.

The actress remembers episodes of Shaleen’s absence from the house every night, thus making it clear he was cheating on her. Daljeet also says that domestic violence became a part of her married life and a normal practice on her husband’s part to beat her up. Despite being beaten on several occasions, Daljeet kept on forgiving Shaleen thinking that no one is perfect and gave her marriage many chances to work. However, on November 30, 2014, when Daljeet confronted Shaleen about his vanishing act, things went out of hand."He threatened me with dire consequences if I left the house. Fearing for my son and my life, I went inside the room to pack my belongings. I was standing on a stool to pull out the suitcase when he threw me down. He then locked the door from inside. Every time I would head to the door to escape, he would throw me on the floor like a ball. At one point, I opened the window and started screaming for help. He held me by my neck, shut the window, and pushed me to the floor again. I hit the bed, my back was bleeding and my hand was terribly bruised. Suddenly,

I realized that my maid was outside and requested her to get help. Shaleen held me with one hand, opened the door, and threatened her too against leaving the house. Fortunately, she called my friend, who in turn alarmed a lot of other friends. I don't know who called the police, but within 15 minutes, they arrived,” recalls Daljeet. On the same ill-fated night, she filed a non-cognizable offense against her brutal husband. But there was more domestic violence written in Daljeet’s destiny. She told the daily that after getting well from the bruises, she returned to Shaleen to avoid becoming extra baggage on her retired father’s shoulders. Moreover, Shaleen expressed his wish to give the marriage another shot. Her parents, though, were upset with her decision to return to her violent husband and did not speak to her for months. “I hoped he would change, but within two days, he was back to square one. He even stopped paying for Shaarav's food. Then, on April 27 this year, a friend called me saying he had seen Shaleen kissing a girl under our building. When I confronted him, he grabbed me by my throat, pinned me against the wall, and tried to strangle me.

My maid pleaded with him to leave me. Fortunately, he left the house instantly and never returned. That's when I decided to file an FIR. The medical report clearly states that I had strangulation marks and my neck was swelling by the minute," she told the daily. Unfortunately, even the police did not help Daljeet much as Shaleen managed to walk out on bail not once but thrice. ow, despite the ordeal and lack of enough funds to fight her court case, Daljeet hopes to see him behind the bars. After being in an abusive relationship, Daljeet, who spent almost all of her hard-earned money on Shaleen and their home, is penniless now. Whatever money she is making, she spends on raising her son. In fact, her condition is so bad that she may pick up a job in a call center as well if she finds one. We hope things start getting better for Daljeet is the time to come. Our best wishes are with her.

The 5-year long marriage of ‘Nach Baliye 4’ winners Daljeet Kaur and Shaleen Bhanot has come to an end now. Reportedly, Daljeet, who has worked in Star Plus’s ‘Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon, recently has filed a police complaint against Shaleen for his abusive behavior. Clearly, the actress and mother of a one-year-old boy has had enough and can’t take any nonsense from her violent husband anymore couple’s marriage has been going through tough times due to Shaleen’s temper and his physical assaults on Daljeet. The situation between them worsened when Daljeet gave birth to their baby boy and had no other option but to return to her parent's home with her toddler child. However, this is not her first trip back to her parental home due to her marital issues. According to a news website, Daljeet had to leave Shaleen’s home even earlier but returned after the differences were settled between the duos. Our heart goes to Daljeet for the trouble she has been through, and we wish she comes out of the trauma soon.

Television actress Daljeet Kaur, who has been a victim of domestic violence for about 6 years due to the abusive behavior of her husband Shaleen Bhanot, can heave a sigh of relief now as she has bagged a new project to run her kitchen! In one of her recent interviews, Dajleet has mentioned that she is going through a severe financial crisis and is ready to work even in a call center to raise her son and fend for herself. By the grace of the Almighty, however, Daljeet has bagged a role in Zee TV’s episodic horror show – Fear Files. This clearly means she does not have to look for a call center or any odd job. The episode will tell the story of a newly hitched pair and how strange things happen with the girl after they move into a haunted house. The husband will try his best to exorcise his wife and bring her to normalcy. Daljeet’s co-actor in the episode will be actor Akshay Sethi. About her comeback, Dajeet told an entertainment website, “I have started taking baby steps back to get a career for myself and a better future for my son. I am happy to be back on sets and hope to work on some more projects soon.”

Actress Daljeet Kaur of ‘Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon fame was saved from an accident on the sets of her new show. Throwing light on the unfortunate event, Daljeet said, “It was ‘Saavdhaan India's Maha episode shoot. It happened on two sets in a gap of three days. When we were on the sets of the new show ‘Roshni’,  I shifted out of the room to the other room. Everyone came running to my room to say that I escaped a fatal accident as the roof collapsed right on the bed I was sitting on.”

The actress, who was in the news a few months back for being abused by her husband Shaleen Bhanot, went on to reveal more details of the incident. “The last day of the shoot was on the sets of  ‘Mahakumbh’. I did my makeup, changed, and went to the other room to meet Swati, who was playing the parallel lead. I ended up chatting away in her room and as it was the last day of the shoot and I sat there catching up with her. Suddenly the spot boy came with a scared look on his face and told me that my room could not be recognized as the whole roof collapsed and I went numb. I could only feel that God was so kind to me to save me not once but twice. Everyone said that I was blessed and that God was on my side. I looked at the room and could not believe that I was right there getting ready where that big slab of a roof fell.”

Taking a plunge into making a new show based on the ills of society, ZEE TV has come up with ‘Kaala Teeka’ starring actress Daljeet Kaur and Akshara Singh. An event was held recently in Mumbai to launch the series which was graced by the members of the main cast and the press. ‘Kaala Teeka’ is about how pernicious it gets when people get too obsessed with the evil eye, and thus end up creating a whirlpool of miseries for themselves and others in their bid to get rid of the “Buri Nazar”. Daljeet is going to play a full-fledged role after a long haul. Her art is that of a married woman called Manjiri, who belongs to an affluent family. She is the only ray of hope in the family marred by regressive beliefs. ‘Kaala Teeka’ is set to go on air at 7 PM on November 2 onwards on ZEE TV. Catch the promo right here:

Dalljieet Kaur is 37 years old. She was born in Ludhiana, Punjab on 15th November 1982. Her zodiac sign is Scorpio. Dalljieet is originally from Bengaluru. She won the title of Miss Pune in 2004. She also participated in other beauty pageants like “Miss Maharashtra Queen”, “Miss Mumbai” and “Miss Navi”.

Daljit Kaur is part of a proud Sikh family. She is close to her father who is a retired colonel. Pritam Kaur is her mother. She also has two elder sisters who are in the Indian defense service namely, Jatinderr Kaur and Amrit Grover.

Dalljieet Kaur was introduced to Shaleen Bhanot on the sets of “Kulvaddhu”. They hit it off and immediately fell in love. On 9th December 2009, the couple decided to tie the knot. Dalljiet filed for divorce in 2015 accusing her husband of domestic violence. She has a son, Jaydon, from her marriage to Shaleen. He was earlier named Shaarav but after the divorce, she renamed him Jaydon.

Dalljieet Kaur made her debut as an actress in the 2004 TV Serial “Manshaa”. After that, she was offered many small roles in popular TV serials like “Raat Hone Ko Hai”, “CID” and “Aahat”. In 2005, she also played the role of ‘Siya’ in “Kumkum – Ek Pyara Sa Bandhan”. Dalljiet got her first lead role in the TV serial “Kulvaddhu”. She played the character ‘Niyati’. Dalljiet and her ex-husband, Shaleen, participated in the popular dance reality show “Nach Baliye” in 2008. They emerged as winners of season 4.

Real Name Daljit Kaur
Nickname Deepa
Famous for Her Acting in various TV serials
Profession Acting
Debut Mansha on Zee TV
Date of Birth/Age 15, November 1982
Current City Bengaluru, India
Hometown Ludhiana, Punjab,India
Education Dropout
Awards N/A
Height 5'5''
Weight 58 kg
Figure Measurement 34-28-33
Affairs Shaleen Bhanot
Father Name Not Known
Mother Name Not Known
Brother Not Known
Sister Not Known
Religion Sikhism
Nationality Indian
Marital Status Divorced
Husband Name Shaleen Bhanot (2009-2015)- Divorced
Children Shaara (Son)
Zodiac Sign/ Sun Sign Scorpio
Hobbies Dancing
Favorite Actor Akshay Kumar, Aamir Khan
Favorite Actress Priyanka Chopra
Favorite Destination Not Known
Favorite Food Tandoori Chicken
TV Shows Kumkum Ek Pyara Sa Bandhan
Kaisa Ye Pyar Hai
Mano Ya Na Mano
Films N/A

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